L.L.Bean Primaloft Mountain Pro Hoodie

The Primaloft Mountain Pro Hoodie from L.L.Bean is a full synthetic, stretchy hoody that’s lined with Primaloft Gold for protection from the cold in times of high activity.


Yaktrax Summit Review

The unique Yaktrax Summit crampons are designed with the new Boa ratchet system for faster, easier attachment to boots or shoes. Featuring 3/8″ carbon nano spikes, they’re poised to provide excellent traction and easier use. My review:

Montbell Down Hugger 800 # 1

Montbell Down Hugger 800 #1 Review

The Down Hugger sleeping bag line from Montbell utilizes a unique spiral construction that’s paired with elastic stitching to gather the loft up around the seams, improving warmth, comfort and fit. This is my review. The Down Hugger 800 #1 is an 23 degree EN rated sleeping bag. It is constructed from lightweight 20 denier…

Helly Hansen Oden Veor Jacket Review

The Oden Veor takes the traditional down jacket and pokes some holes in the design, almost literally. Implementing unique back, pit and chest vents, the Oden Veor aims to enhance heat regulation and reduce moisture build up, while still providing warmth at a light weight.

L.L.Bean Down Sweater 3-in-1 Jacket Review

When it comes to staying warm on the mountain, layering is key. The L.L.Bean Down Sweater 3 in 1 Jacket combines a lightweight down jacket and sturdy waterproof shell that can be zipped, allowing it to be worn in three configurations. The 3 in one is essentially two jackets that combine to become one. The…

Chaco Z/Cloud Sandals

Chaco Z/Cloud Review

Few things are as comfortable as a sandals, and few brands are as iconic as Chaco when it comes to producing them. Their Z/Cloud line of sandals combines their classic design and styling with a soft, pillow-top footbed. Starting with the build, the sandals are essentially three layers. The top two layers come together to…

Sea to Summit UltraLight SI Mat Review

Featuring grippy silicone traction prints, a new valve that features deflation assistance, and a self-inflating foam core, the Ultralight SI Mat from Sea to Summit promises unique features in a lightweight, packable design. How did it hold up in our testing? This is my review. The Sea to Summit Ultralight SI mat is a 1″…

North St. Flanders Backpack Review

Made to order in Portland Oregon, the Flanders backpack by North St. is a waterproof, durable, stylish backpack that’s poised to be the culmination of a daily carry, commuter, and hiker’s pack, all in one. The flanders is a roll top backpack, meaning the top of the pack is closed by rolling the fabric down,…

How to fix a jingling zipper

I have a backpack. It’s a great backpack. But, this backpack sounds like it has bear bells hanging off of it when I walk. This simply isn’t going to work for me. Thankfully, I have metal tools and some rope. This is how I silenced my noisy zipper. Starting off, there are likely two sources…