A close look at the Geertop Navigator 2 (video)

I thought I would share my first setup of the affordable 4 season shelter from Geertop. The Navigator 2 + comes in at just $170 on Amazon. How do I like it? Take a look at the video below. It’s a rough edit as I’m still just playing around with video at the moment, but…


Mountain Standard Scramblers and Pancakes

Mountain Standard has come up with a few new ways to spice up your next backpacking trip. Who’s likes carrot cake pancakes?

Big Agnes AXL Insulated

Big Agnes AXL Insulated Pad Review

Sleeping in the backcountry isn’t always easy, but a good pad makes a huge difference. The AXL from Big Agnes is designed to provide thick, luscious padding and insulation at the absolute lowest possible pack size and weight, which should help. This is my review.

Hiking and Backpacking in the Heat

There are few things less forgiving than the relentless summer heat. It’s uncomfortable, it’s challenging, and it can certainly be dangerous. Thankfully, I have some tips to make your summer adventures not only more enjoyable, but also much safer. Considering that heat is one of the most prolific dangers of summer sports, and heat stroke…

North St. Pioneer Review

North St. has been busy for a while now, innovating and producing rugged, unique gear. The Pioneer pack is no different. It’s an organizer, but it can be expanded into a hip pack, shoulder bag, or even a bike handlebar bag. This is my review. So, the Pioneer comes in a few different sizes, the…