Montbell Thunderdome 2

Montbell Thunderdome 2 Review

Redesigned for 2016, the Montbell Thunderdome 2 tent has been created from the ground up to offer an uncompromising living experience for campers who demand more internal space, a luxurious floor plan and a palace like ceiling. I’ve been lucky enough to give it a vigorous shake down, and these are my thoughts. The Thunderdome 2 is built around…

MSR Windburner Skillet

MSR Windburner Skillet Review

Bacon, eggs, hash browns, all delusions of the hungry backpacker while munching on cold granola and instant oats, tears added for a bit of flavor. That is, until they discover the lightweight MSR Windburner Skillet, perfect for expanding possible dining options on the trail. Designed to work in conjunction with the MSR Windburner stove (review…

Backpacking snacks

Backpacking Snacks: Reviewed

Keeping energized on the trail can be difficult. In order to perform your best you’ll need high quality, high density snacks that provide lots of energy per ounce. I’ve tried a variety of snacks from Clif, GU, Amazing Grass, Honey Stinger and Scratch. This is what I thought. Honey Stinger: Nuts, Seeds and Roasted Serrano…

Status Audio BT-S Review

Status Audio BT-S Wireless Headphones Review

Status Audio is quickly becoming known for making impressive headphones at absurdly low prices, so when they announced the wireless BT-S Bluetooth headphones for their sportier users, they had my attention. But at just 35 bucks, can these possibly perform? The BT-S headphones are powered by a built in rechargeable battery that charges via an included micro…

Grand Trunk All purpose Rainfly

Grand Trunk All Purpose Rainfly Review

When hammocking, it’s important to always have a solid, reliable rain fly with you, no matter the forecast. The Grand Trunk All Purpose Rainfly is designed to be flexible and adaptable to any situation, providing a 10’x10′ shelter with minimal weight. That sounds great, but how does it perform?


Parakito Natural Mosquito Repellent

Using a blend of natural oils to mask the scent of human breath (which mosquitoes use to hone in on our lovely flesh), the Parakito bracelets and roll on gels provide a simple to use alternative to Deet and Picaridin for mosquito protection. Using a unique blend of Citronella, Rosemary, Geranium, Mint, Clove and Peppermint oil,…

Helly Hansen QD Cargo 11

Helly Hansen QD Cargo Shorts 11

When it comes to backpacking shorts, I only need a few things: Comfort, durability, and simplicity in design. The QD Cargo Shorts 11 satisfies those requirements and look great while doing it. The QD Cargo shorts come with two slim cargo pockets, two lap pockets, and a secure zippered back pocket for keeping gear organized and…

Oboz Scapegoat Mid

Oboz Scapegoat Mid Boots Review

The summer is hot, and that being the case, feet need to breath more than ever. The Scapegoat Mid from Oboz has that particular need covered. Designed with thru-hikers in mind with a highly breathable full synthetic mesh upper and a molded EVA midsole, these boots attempt balance speed, protection and ventilation. The Scapegoat Mid boots…

Coast HL8R Rechargeable Headlamp

Coast HL8R Rechargeable Headlamp Review

The Coast HL8R is a high output rechargeable headlamp that emphasizes build quality and reliability. Boasting a very impressive output of 800 lumens, a swappable battery pack and an adjustable lens, it’s sure to brighten up any trail or campsite. The HL8R includes a high capacity rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack with an exchangeable 4…