Backpacking Pack Lists

The whole point of this page, is to provide quick and easy access to something you should check every time before you head out. A pack list.

Everyone has different “necessities”, but below I have listed mine, customized for various situations.

Backpacking 3 Season Pack List

Backpacking Winter Pack List

How to Pack Your Backpack

What’s in MY Backpack? 


3 thoughts on “Backpacking Pack Lists

  1. I think you should include signaling devises. You have the ability to start a fire–not effective in daylight unless really smoky. I’d suggest a whistle and mirror (if you have a very reflective pot, that would do.) A person may not get lost, but may become injured off trail and need some way to get rescuers attention. You are offering a lot of good advice to beginning backpackers. The skill to go out and enjoy nature is and invaluable gift. Thank you for encouraging new hikers.

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