Backcountry Max Patch Mac and Cheese Recipe

A delicious and easy to prepare variation of the classic american mac and cheese recipe streamlined for flavor, nutrition and ease of cooking; This recipe swaps time and fuel consuming macaroni noodles with Ramen and utilizes easy to find ingredients for flair and variety. Prep takes takes about 10 minutes including boil time, and the ingredients … More Backcountry Max Patch Mac and Cheese Recipe

Backcountry, overnight oatmeal (Midnight Oatmeal)

Frankly, the instant slop that comes out of paper packets is garbage. Flat, tasteless, texture-less and drowned in sugar and preservatives, it lacks the very essence that is oatmeal. Oatmeal should be three dimensional, exciting, tasty, and filling. This is how you can make that happen, easily, in the back-country. First things first, you’re going to … More Backcountry, overnight oatmeal (Midnight Oatmeal)

A Leave No Trace Guide to Backcountry Tooth Brushing

Leave No Trace is, and should always be, a high priority to anyone who considers themselves a true outdoors-man. Just recently, a steely eyed reader brought up the question; Is toothpaste really Leave No Trace? Or should we all abandon our teeth for the call of the wild. Well, I decided to look into it. … More A Leave No Trace Guide to Backcountry Tooth Brushing

The Best Backpacking Gear For A Budget

Getting into backpacking is hard. Not only is gear expensive, there are infinite choices for all the equipment that you’ll need, and everyone has differing opinions on what is best. I’ve devised my recommendations based on years of experience and years of hands on testing. The products you’ll find in this article are what I consider the … More The Best Backpacking Gear For A Budget

How light is too light?

To some, obsessing about every gram of weight in the pack isn’t just a means or a hobby; it’s a way of life. This is no alternative. It’s cutting straps off of packs, pulling stickers off packaging, trimming unneeded corners off maps, sleeping under a tarp, and eating dry granola for breakfast. To me, that’s not backpacking. … More How light is too light?