Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight 2 Review

The Clips Flashlight 2 feels like a return to form for Sierra Designs. It’s a complete re-working of a classic model that’s been tracing trails since the 90s. Promising improved livability, reduced weight, and the implementation of new technologies, can this new classic hold it’s own? The Clip Flashlight 2 is a non-freestanding full double … More Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight 2 Review

Thermarest Luxurylite Ultralite Cot Review

Thermarest has taken the long standing classic cot design and modified it into an ultralight, compact design that’s more portable than ever. Weighing under three pounds in some configurations, it’s the lightest on the market, but does such a huge weight reduction hamper comfort? My review. The Luxurylite cot comes in two versions, the Ultralight model … More Thermarest Luxurylite Ultralite Cot Review