Pirani, Reusable Stainless steel Insulated Tumblers

One of the easiest way to ease your burden on the environment is to simply shift away from single use products. The Pirani Stainless Steel tumbler is a stylish, durable option for those who like the party cup aesthetic, but want to avoid the negatives of “disposable” plastic … More Pirani, Reusable Stainless steel Insulated Tumblers

2021 Holliday Gift Guide

It’s happening. It’s getting darker, colder, and the falling leaves are signaling that is time to start thinking about what to give that avid adventurer for Christmas. Now, giving a gift is one thing. Giving a gift that benefits the user and the planet? That’s another. So for this years guide I decided to focus a little bit more on items that are not only super useful, but durable, reusable, or just emphasize being kind to the planet. Let’s take a look, and check back later as I add some more recommendations. … More 2021 Holliday Gift Guide