Hello World

As a young boy I grew up in the mountains, playing, exploring, finding my way by whatever means possible. Today as an adult things don’t seem to be that much different.

This is me hanging in my hammock

Sure I go to college, I work, I pay the bills and I suffer through the dull repetition of the grueling 9 to 5, however something deep inside me ticks in a way that separates me from the masses. I’m not special, I’m not a genius, I’m not even popular, but I am different.

My goal in life is not to grow rich, powerful, respected, or anything else that the grand majority would normally subscribe to. Instead, I choose to explore the world. The vastness of the landscapes cannot be compared to anything, or even everything that the modern world has to offer. Thus I choose to leave the modern world behind when I can, and instead  find my own way where trails and typical decisions may not present themselves, or even exist.

This is my blog.




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