Fireworks and Forest Fires

Considering the dry weather, the Colorado Forest fires, and the recent heatwave, I thought it was important to mention the fact that the 4th of July is upon us.

As much as I love America, and blowing things up, please keep in mind that fireworks can easily cause raging forest fires in situations such as the one we are currently in.

The dry, hot forest is easily susceptible to sparks and heat from fireworks. I ask that you please be cautious, and choose safe places to set off your fireworks.

Good places:

Parking Lots, large gravel areas, other places that won’t easily burn or catch fire.

Bad places:

Grassy fields, wooded areas, farms, or anywhere vegetation may be growing.

Remember, just because there is water near, doesn’t mean you can’t start a fire. Even the most cautious fireworks enthusiast can accidentally destroy an entire forest.

Please, take care this holiday.


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