Backpacking Pack List (3 season)

Backpacking has one thing over all others, the need to be prepared. It’s very easy to forget something small (A spoon) or even something important (sleeping pad). It’s happened to us all regardless of experience. Always have a pack list to consult before packing, and after you’re packed to be sure you’re ready to go. Once you’re out, you’re out and you’ll do without. Here is what you’ll likely need for those warmer months to make your trip a success.

For winter and cold weather camping, check here

Sleeping essentials:

Shelter(tent, bivy, etc)

Sleeping pad(insulated optional above freezing).

Sleeping bag rated at least 10 degrees cooler than expected lows.

Pillow (optional).

Food essentials:

3 meals a day, plus 3 snacks per day. An extra days food, just in case.  At least 3000 calories per day if you’re very active.

2-3 liters of water per day. At least 3 if it’s very hot or far from water sources.

Stove with backup ignition source. Matches work well.

Fuel source. (Check your levels before you head out)

Cookware (pot, dutch oven, etc).

Spoons and forks.

Dinnerware. Plates, bowls, whatever you need.

Preparedness essentials:

Map and Compass.



Head Lamp (extra batteries).

Water purification/ filtration (tablets, filter, iodine, etc).

First aid kit.

Rain gear. Pants and jacket.

A warm mid layer for cool nights and days. Fleece is a great bet.

A long sleeve but cool shirt for long exposure to the sun.

Extra socks (no cotton).

Hat or other head/eye protection.

Fire starter, matches, lighter or similar.

Biodegradable toilet paper.

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