Osprey Talon 22 Backpack

The Osprey Talon 22 is a lightweight, yet full featured daypack for those who need to carry a bit of extra gear for those long hikes. It weighs about 1 lb. 80z for the M/L size, and holds 22 liters of gear inside the pack. There are multiple options for adjustment, and plenty of pockets to store snacks, cameras, rain gear, and anything else you might need for those high millage day trips. The pack offers an expandable rear compartment which is great for rain gear or warmer layers. There are also several points on the pack for the attachment of trekking poles or ice tools.Osprey Talon 22

What I liked

Overall, the backpack is quite comfortable. It managed 15-20 pounds of gear and water surprisingly well. The weight actually felt much lighter on my back, which is unusual for a light weight pack like this. The straps are soft and comfortable, fitting well against the body. A nice ventilation system across the back allows for plenty of airflow for those warm weather trots. The pack is very adjustable with extendable spine lengths and movable chest straps. The pack cinches down very well for those technical rock scrambles, and for the most part stays in place when leaping across gaps and rocks. It comes in multiple colors, which is also nice. There is also a womans model which is contoured accordingly.Osprey Talon 22

What I didn’t like

The side compression straps seem to get in the way no matter how you use them. There is an option to run the compression straps under the water bottle compartment, but only serves to block a water bottle from being used inside easily. The same situation occurs on the outside, especially when cinching down the straps across the water bottle. You’ll end up un-cinching to removed your bottle most of the time. It’s not terribly problematic, but it would seem there should be a better way to go about it.


Aside from a couple minor annoyances, the pack is just a pleasure to have on your back. It fits close, doesn’t move around much, and allows you to stay nimble on your feet while carrying a decent sized load. If you’re looking for a fairly light weight pack, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, adjustability, organization, or carrying capacity, this is your pack.


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