Kelty Trail Logic Collection

The Kelty Trail Logic System is a series of items that are designed to work together. The tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad all slide together into the backpack to form a convenient, and simple backpacking kit that gets you out of the house without the guesswork. This, is a wonderful thing for the beginner. As a whole, the Kelty Trail Logic system shines as an innovation in the backpacking equipment market. Independently, each item stands on it’s own merit. The system is comprised of the Kelty PK50 (backpack), TN2 (two person tent), PDa (inflatable sleeping pad, insulated pad available), and the SB 35 (35 degree sleeping bag, variations available).

The kit weighed in at 11lbs, 5 oz on my equipment, including the stuff sacks, stakes, and poles.

Kelty TN2 Trail Logic System

What I liked

The Trail Logic System is a series of solidly designed pieces of equipment. This allows a beginner to jump into backpacking without having to do too much research. However, the items within the kit stand alone as great pieces of equipment as well. They’re designed to work together, but it’s not a necessity.

The entire kit is quite respectably under 12 pounds, for your big 4. The kit, as tested, retails at $770 when purchased independently. That’s not too bad. Many shops are offering discounts for purchasing them all together.

The tent is sturdy and lightweight. The sleeping bag is incredibly light weight, warm and comfy. The backpack holds everything you’ll need, while organizing for quick access, while taking the load off your spine. The sleeping pad was surprisingly comfortable, despite it’s compact size.

What I didn’t like

The backpack is somewhat limited in storage, at 50 liters. This is great for beginners, who tend to pack too much anyway. However, a veteran like myself who may want to embark on longer trips may need a larger pack. The tent is two guy lines, and two stakes short of being able to completely guy it out on all sides in a storm.

Full Reviews of each item

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The Trail Logic System by kelty is an interesting concept, executed by a company that has been in the business for ages. A solid collection of equipment that simplifies the, sometimes overwhelming, processing of getting into backpacking is certainly a welcome addition to store shelves. Is it redefining the industry? Well, no. But, is it worth the plunge? I say wholeheartedly, yes.

Each item in the kit is a quality piece of gear that will satisfy all but the most picky of gear heads.

Recommended for anyone who’s looking to jump into backpacking



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