Esbit Titanium Cooking Pot Review

The Esbit titanium cooking pot is designed to be an ultralight, but durable cooking solution for those who are absolutely committed to cutting weight on their backpacking adventures.

About the pot

The pot itself weighs only 3.7 ounces (106 grams) including the titanium lid. The pot has built in titanium handles that fold down to fit the contours of the pot. There is also a tiny handle on the lid that flips up so you can easily remove the lid while cooking. It includes the lid, and a small mesh like carrying case, with two small slots for collapsible spoons or forks. The pot retails for around $60. The pot holds 25 ounces of water or soup.

Esbit Titanium Cook Pot

What I liked

The pot, while entirely minimalist in design, has everything you really need built right in, and nothing you don’t. You have your pot, lid, and handles all right there, with no additional accessories needed. The handles for the most part stay cool to the touch even while boiling water thanks to the titanium construction, which resists dispersing heat throughout the material. The construction is fantastic, with the handles being sturdy and stable while being used. I never felt like I was going to drop the pot or that it was going to tip over. The pot resists scuffing and scratches, and has shown no signs of wear after being stuff deep inside my backpack. The lid fits great , not too tight and not too loose, and the small flip up lid handle stays in place when you slide it into the locked position. Boil times were great, not noticeably different than that of more traditional (and heavier) aluminum cooking sets. The pot was large enough to cook for two, while small enough to be a valid solo selection.

Esbit Titanium Cook Pot

What I didn’t like

It”s a bit expensive, but of course you’re paying a premium for the materials and weight. Titanium will be a bit harder to clean, as that’s simply the nature of non-coated materials. So, when possible, you’ll want to stick with simply boiling water in your pot. However, cleanup was still pretty easy with most foods and drinks being applied directly into the pot.

Esbit Titanium Cook Pot


The pot leaves little to complain about. It’s amazingly light weight, with a feather-like feel in your palm, and is built to take a beating. The handles and lid are sturdy and stable, installing confidence into the user knowing you’re not going to spill boiling water. The included mesh stuff sack wraps everything up in a nice package. If your’e looking for the lightest, and you don’t mind paying a premium, this is certainly a great cook set that’s going to be reliable, functional, and will make a great conversation piece.

Highly Recommended. 

Esbit Titanium Cook Pot

Thanks to the manufacturer for providing this product. For full disclosure, see our about me page.



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