We’re finally on Facebook!

Long overdue, yes. But, we finally got around to it and now we’re on Facebook.

Find us here at http://www.facebook.com/treelinebackpacker

The major holdup was that we really didn’t know what we wanted to do with facebook, and we didn’t want to jump in without a plan. Now, we’ve finally decided. We’re going to post more small pieces of info there. Things like new gear that may not make it to full review on the site, short trip reports that we simply don’t have time to put up on the site, random thoughts, opinions, gear we’re excited about, and of course we’ll be sharing information from other companies and people who we personally find entertaining.

So come on over and join us, and like our page. We’re just getting started, but it should be fun, and of course we’d appreciate the support.

Thanks to all of my followers, who have been with me and allowed me to continue doing what I’m doing.



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