Sierra Designs Convert 3 Overview

I’m working on a review for this tent, but I have to test it in such a wide variety of conditions that I wont’ have it ready for a while. Instead, I wanted to post a quick overview of the tent so I could show what I know so far.

Sierra Designs Convert 3


So far, I’m really happy with this tent. Ventilation is fantastic, build quality is exceptional, and it has more bells and whistles than I have ever had on a tent.

It’s a bit heavy, but lighter than most 4 season tents of this size and quality. The tent stakes are a bit iffy though. They’re flat sided hex peg stakes, and I’ve never been much of a fan of this style. They’re heavy, and stiff, but I’m unsure that they’ll perform well with more than a couple inches of snow on the ground, but I haven’t tested that yet.

There are ample guy out lines, and the tent doesn’t budge when all the points are used. It feels like it will shed hard winds great.

Condensation hasn’t been an issue, even on hot summer nights in Tennessee. Vents all over and a breathable single wall seems to be doing the trick. So far, it’s been performing better than most double wall tents I’ve used. That’s impressive.

It’s huge, roomy, and you can really move about inside the tent. It feels more like a home than a shelter, which is always welcomed if you’ll be spending any real amount of time inside.

Sierra Designs Convert 3Overall, I’m very happy with the tent so far. Check back soon, when I’ll be posting a full review. Until then, check out my video overview below for a tour of the tent.



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