Coldpruf Classic Base Layers Review

The Coldpruf classic is a traditionally style, single layer, 100 % merino wool base layer designed to add skin tight warmth for the cold weather adventurer without adding bulk.

Coldpruf Classic Base Layer

About the base layer

The classic base layer is simply constructed, with only the essentials. It has an extended tail to block breezes while trapping heat, and flat seams help to eliminate abrasion. Stretchy construction holds the base layers in place, while a tag-less build helps to avoid any itchy patches. The close fitting garments comes in two colors, commando (army green) and black. The tops and pants retail for about $65 separately and come in a full range of sizes.

What I liked

It’s hard to beat good ol’ merino wool when it comes down to keeping you warm no matter what the weather throws at you. It supplies warmth despite it’s thin build, and even works when wet. Wool also doesn’t have any issues with loosing performance when being compressed against the skin like loft dependent insulation.

The tops and bottoms where both quite warm. I was able to comfortably wear the base, plus my mid all the way down into the wind blown teens without loosing my warmth. Curling up in my sleeping bag, wearing nothing but these base layers, I stayed warm, comfortable and well regulated without having to wear pants and a jacket to bed. This is a huge plus for me as I hate wearing more than a thin base when sleeping. One female tester was able to hike in a skirt below freezing while wearing the pants on underneath for warmth. She was happy to point out the added comfort of not having to wear thick pants while scrambling rocks and hiking up steep hills.

Coldpruf Classic Base Layer

The fit on the base layers is great, staying close against the skin while avoiding bunching and wadding up in high movement areas. They stayed in place and showed no signs of wear after long vigorous hikes and treks. They’re built thin, so they slide easily underneath clothing without adding any bulk.

Many wools can become a bit scratchy after a while, but merino wool is known for being softer, and mostly itch free; especially after a couple washings. These are no exception. The feel continues to improve as you go, continually softening with each use and wash.

They do a great job of resisting odors, and clean up quite well.

They pack up tiny and weigh very little, taking up minimal pack space.

Coldpruf Classic Base Layer

What I didn’t like

There was a little bit of itch at first, but this was expected An initial washing or two helps a lot, and provides a much softer feel. I don’t recommend wearing them before their first scrub down. The tops held a little bit of scruffiness to them, but quickly faded as I wore them around for a bit.

Other considerations

Taller female testers (5’10”) wished the women’s model had a little bit more length in the back, despite the extended tail. This shouldn’t be a problem with someone of an average height, but it’s worth pointing out.


Coldpruf has produced a quality set of base layers for anyone who is moderately active in their winter adventures. They’re form fitting, stay put, bulk free, and provide lots of warmth for their light weight build. They’re a little itchy at first, but after a few washings, they really started to shine. If you’re looking for a cost effective, yet high performance base layer that’s not going to take up too much space or weight, these will be a great fit.

Highly recommended


Thanks to Coldpruf for providing this product for review. For full disclosure and our polices, see our about me page.


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