The Landmark Project

Occasionally I find a company that just bleeds a love for the outdoors, and the community that surrounds it. The Landmark Project is one of those companies, and I want to spread awareness for what they’re doing.

They create beautifully crafted apparel with hand drawn illustrations of some of our most memorable and iconic local destinations. They also donate some of their earnings to helping the underprivileged find their way to those very locations, so that others may be able to discover them for themselves. Best of all, they’re built sweatshop free.

Their gear is comfortable, form-fitting, and looks great.

The Landmark Project


Locally owned and located in Greeneville South Carolina, they produce apparel created from some of the softest fabrics available. Their prints are high quality, durable, and radiate quality and thoughtful design. Their designs are inspired my destinations such as the Appalachian Trail, The Great Smokey Mountain National Park, and Pisgah national forest; all locations that I’ve enjoyed over my years of hiking, backpacking, and mountain biking.

The Landmark Project


If you’re looking for quality t-shirts, long sleeves, and sweaters with some local flair, and would like to know some of the proceeds are going to a good cause, you should certainly check them out. I always pushed supporting local companies, and The Landmark Project makes that easy. You can’t beat their quality, and you can order their gear on their website, or from select local retailers.

The Landmark Project

Thanks to the Landmark Project for supplying the t-shirts used in this write-up.

The Landmark Project



3 thoughts on “The Landmark Project

  1. I haven’t been able to find definitive, objective information about The Landmark Project. Giving “some” to the Forest Service and “Sweat Shop Free” are pretty vague parameters. So far I have bought a bandana. The material is rough, wrinkles badly (I even tried ironing it!) and the hem is poorly sewn. What are the materials they use? Where do they get it from? What percentage goes to an environmental cause? What are the demographics of their employee roster? Until I find more information, I will probably not purchase any more of their products.

    1. Hi Sara,
      Honestly, I’ve not been in contact with them in a few years. I heard rumor that the company may have changed hands, so I cannot vouch for their equipment/policies at this point.
      Not sure if this information is out there or not, but I couldn’t find anything concrete either.

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