Ursack Minor critter bag Review

The Ursack Minor is a Kevlar and stainless steel bag designed to protect your ever so priceless Oreo cookies, and other junk food like veggies and stuff. The idea is to produce a bag that’s so tough that, even if the animal finds a way to get to it, it can’t chew through it to get your food. Here’s a review.

About the bag

This is the Ursack Minor, which is designed for critters. This isn’t the bear bag version, which is called the Ursack S29. It’s the lighter, more manageable brother for those who aren’t as concerned with bears getting a hold of their food. Instead, it prevents animals such as mice, raccoon, and opossums from getting inside. You hang this from a tree, hopefully out of reach from a bear or snacky co-camper, and you should be good to go.

It does this by being built from Kevlar, which is known for its use in bullet proof vests. There are also strands of stainless steel strung throughout for improved tenacity.

The minor is about 8 inches in diameter, 13 inches tall, and holds about 650 cubic inches of grub. There is a tough 4 foot cord included as well, all for $49.95.

Ursack Minor 2

What I liked

It’s proven tough. The materials it’s built from are incredibly durable. Thick, woven fabric produces an armored skin that really does a great job of keeping the little guys out of your food. This is great, especially if you find yourself on a mountain tip with little in the way of options for hanging. I’ve had to tie food to tree trunks before, completely exposing my food to mice and raccoon, and while not the ideal location for your food, given the situation the Ursack Minor would help fend off possible intruders.

It’s fairly light weight. Just under 6 ounces isn’t too bad to protect several days worth of food and supplies, especially if you’re far away from any place to refill.

It’s super easy to use. Hang it from a limb, about ten feet high and 5 feet from the trunk and you’re good to go. A double overhand knot adds security, but the included mechanical closure does a solid job against smaller mouths.

Options for scent proof and metal liners for extra protection are available here. 


What I didn’t like

It’s not going to be completely impervious to animals. If you haphazardly leave your food laying on the ground in camp, there is still a chance that an animal can get into your food by chewing through the cord or working out your knots. It’s not a replacement for good judgment.

It sheds water, but it’s not totally waterproof. Water can find its way in through the opening, but it’s not a big deal if you properly seal your food inside waterproof packaging.


If you’re dealing with a lot of critters, especially rodents, it’s worth the extra weight to provide serious protection to your supplies. Nothing rumbles my tummy like hiking out two days with no food because a raccoon drug it into the abyss.

Highly recommended


Big thanks to Ursack for providing this item for review. Check out our full disclosure on the About Me page.


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