Sporkables Dehydrated Meals

We just recently happened upon Sporkables at the Trail Days celebration in Demascus Virginia. Sporkables is a small company located in New York, committed to producing unique, delicious dehydrated meals using locally sourced foods. I was lucky enough to take some on the trail to put them to the ultimate test, the hungry backpacker.

I’ve so far tried three of their recipes, and so far I’ve been quite impressed. They’re prepared very well, sealed tight in air tight containers with oxygen absorbers inside. I prepared mine by dumping them in my cook pot, adding water, bring it to a boil and letting it sit for tent minutes (a small remix from the included instructions) and every recipe turned out fantastic. Meal sizes are adequate for one, especially if paired with a dessert or side. They’re filling, and easy on the stomach too, thanks to the lack of preservatives and fillers.

Sporkables 1

A Summary of dishes I’ve tried

“All Sauced up” is a meaty ragu pasta of sorts. A thick, vibrant tomato flavor is accented by celery, beef, pork, onion, and other spices. The noodles cook up soft, and the sauce is thick but smooth. The flavor was great, and quite potent. Overall, it was enjoyable and filling.

“Chicken lickin’ biscuits” was a taste of home in a bag. A strong chicken flavor from real shredded chicken, paired with corn, peas, celery and other seasons came together to produce a flavor reminiscent of Stove Top and gravy. Included biscuits softened up nicely and provided a nice flavor variation while eating. One of my favorites.

“Sugar Daddy” was a dessert, and was essentially peach cobbler without the crust. It’s made of sweet peach slices, sugar, cinnamon, and raisin bread croutons (a curios touch) and provided a tasty, light after dinner snack or dessert. It was sweet, without being overpowered by cinnamon.


Quite tasty, surprisingly affordable and easy to prepare, the Sporkables collection so far has been a real treat. The flavors are more akin to home cooking than a dehydrated meal and offers real variety, nutrition, and comfort on the trail. I highly recommend you give them a try.

You can order direct, right from their website.



Thanks to sporkables for providing some samples to try out!


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