Navitas Naturals. Healthy, delicious snacks.

Navitas naturals has been around since 2003, providing healthy, organic nutrition to the active or health conscious. Their foods are all freeze-dried or processed at low temperatures to preserve nutrition without loss of flavor, and come in handy resealable packages. I was lucky enough to put some of their flavors to the test .These are my thoughts.

Navitas snacks

Cacao Hemp: almonds, cacao, and hemp seed. 

A burst of cocoa flavor subdued with just a hint of sugar. The Cacao hemp blend is great inside trail mixes, paired with some dark chocolate and perhaps some sunflower seeds and pretzels. Slightly bitter, but still quite tasty. Not my favorite solo, but plays great with others.

Chili Lime: Coconut and chili with lime.

Chewy, yet lightly crispy, these provide a bold chili flavor without being hot, backed up by a strong burst of lime. Great by themselves, these provide a filling, easy to eat snack that fits right inside a pocket for easy access. Full of flavor, almost overwhelming at first, these are delicious and unique.

Cacao: Coconut Chips

Utterly delicious; these crispy but lightly chewy chips taste like a cross between coconut, almond slivers, and fudge. Just sweet enough to feel like you’re being bad, but still provides lots of filling nutrition. Great over your morning oatmeal, in a trail mix, or by the fist full. My favorite out of everything I’ve tested.

Caramel: Coconut Chips

Sweet caramel flavor overlapping a subtle coconut taste, with that playful crispness you would expect from Navitas coconut chips. These have a mild flavor that lingers lovingly while you work your way through the bag. Great solo, or paired with vanilla or other mildly flavored desserts.


I’m a big fan of practically everything I’ve tried from Navitas. Especially anything that’s paired with their coconut chips. They also produce great cacao powder and nibs that I’ve been taking advantage of for years. If you’re looking for healthy, or just delicious, you certainly can’t go wrong with these.

Highly Recommended.


Thanks to Navitas for supplying these delicious treats! Our disclosure can be found on our contact us page.


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