Mountain Khakis Skiff Long Sleeve Shirt

Mountain Khakis, certainly known for their high quality pants, also produces a wide variety of shirts and outer wear. The Skiff is a prime example the company’s ability to stay flexible and produce a variety of products, without straying too far from their roots. The Skiff is a light weight, 4.1 oz nylon/spandex (86%/14%) tee with a subtle texturing. A series of button run the length of the chest of the shirt. The shirt features two chest pockets, and has a dropped back hem to prevent breezes from blowing under the shirt when you bend over. A long back vent, and small vertical chest vents provide additional ventilation. The shirt blocks 95% of UV rays, so it’s great for extended hours in the sun. Retail is $75.95, and currently comes in a green and blue scheme. Mountain Khakis Shoreline LongSleeve What I liked The Skiff is one of the softest long sleeves I’ve ever tested. It’s light weight, silky smooth texture feels great against the skin, and is manipulated effortlessly when needed without being restrictive. Because of this, it’s very comfortable to wear for hours on end. I never really felt like I was even wearing an outer layer when using it on hot days to provide a little protection from the sun, or from the wind. It’s also very light weight. 4.1 oz is impressive. This is possible primarily via the thin, feathery thread that the shirt is built from. This is turn creates an impressively breathable garment that releases heat quickly when working up a sweat. The additional vents (chest and back) help add not only some style but also function to further enhance the breezy nature of the shirt. The material make up has a few inherent advantages, such as quick drying and UPF protection, both of which performed wonderfully. After hours in the sun, I was still cool and irritation free, while sweat dried quickly even on stagnant days. The Skiff looks fantastic. Quality stitching, attractive patterning, and a subtle texturing combined with soft colors come together to produce a gentle, yet rugged look. It Looks the part in the mountains, but still holds its own around town. MH 4 What I didn’t like The 99$ price tag may discourage some , but you certainly get what you pay for. Mountain Khakis Shoreline LongSleeve Overall The Skiff Long Sleeve shirt is very easy to appreciate. It’s light weight, looks great, and doesn’t trap heat inside when I’m just trying to doge the sun. It provides descent wind protection, and takes up a tiny amount of pack space. There is a high entry point, but the cost is certainly worth the benefits. Highly Recommended Mountain Khakis Shoreline LongSleeve Big thanks to Mountain Khakis for providing this great piece of gear for review. A full disclosure can be found on our Contact Us page.


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