Mountain Khakis Granite Creek Windbreaker Review

A windbreaker is something I don’t quite see enough of in the backcountry. Often times it’s too warm for an insulating layer, but the wind chill can still cut right through your bare skin. The Granite Creek Windbreaker is a light weight solution to this problem.

The jacket is built from a lightweight rip-stop nylon shell with DWR applied, and an inner layer of mesh. This comes together to form the windblocking abilities of the jacket. A full vertical zipper runs the length of the chest, while two zippered hand pockets flank the sides. There are two chest vents and one back vent as well. The jacket weighs about 14 oz and retails for $83.95.

Mountain Khakis Granite Creek Windbreaker (4)

What I liked

The Granite Creek does an excellent job of blocking wind. Even on abnormally chill 40 degree nights on the high peaks of a local mountain, the jacket provided ample protection from the elements while being hammered by 10 mph winds. While hiking, the jacket builds up enough heat to provide warmth without becoming overheated.

It’s quite comfortable. Smooth nylon with the internal mesh creates a clamminess free environment even on warmer humid nights in the clouds. The soft collar and cuffs are friction free on the climbs, and the soft materials sit lightly across the body while in use. A looser fit makes for a nice lounge like feel while hanging around camp.

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The jacket looks great. The material is slightly patterned, which adds a level of depth to the aesthetics. A leather zipper pull on the chest adds some flair without being gaudy. It looks quality and performance without looking overly zealous.

A DWR finish helps shake off drips from a tent or a light rain. It also dries quite quickly when damp.

The loose fit allows for plenty of layering opportunities.

It’s light enough to pack along on any trip at just 14 oz.

Gregory Stout 45

What I didn’t like

There are lighter windbreakers out there. 14 oz isn’t bad at all, but a far cry from the 4 oz featherweights on the market.

I normally prefer a slightly more fitted jacket. The Medium size runs slightly big.


The Granite Creek is an excellent option for those who are looking for a high quality windbreaker, who emphasize style and comfort over absolute minimal weight. The high quality layering provides more wind protection than the average lightweight shell, while a subtle DWR helps slay moisture and stray condensation drops. If you need a solid windbreaker at a fair price, look no further.

Highly Recommended

Mountain Khakis Granite Creek Windbreaker (2)


Big thanks to Mountain Khakis for providing this great piece of equipment for review. A breakdown of our rating system and our full disclosure can be found on our about us page.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post below or send us an email.


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