Bivy Sak 1st arrival

If you’re not familiar, Bivy Sak is a company that will ship you an assortment of outdoor gear and goodies to your doorstep. You don’t know what’s going to be inside, which is part of the fun, but you can rest assured it’s going to be something useful. I was lucky enough to try this out for myself, and I was quite surprised when the first package arrived.

Bivy Sak Month 1Included was a multitude of items, well beyond the value of the $25 per month it cost for the service (they ship every 3 months, so it’s $75 per shipment).

Included in the package:

A Salomon fleece jacket. It’s a pretty nice jacket. Soft, warm, and light. A good fall jacket.

A GSI cup with lid and measuring marks. Rugged, and holds a lot of liquid. Great for measuring, making cocoa, or mixing ingredients. I’ll be using this.

GSI cutlery: A spork and knife with built in caribiners. Very nice quality and texture. These are always useful.

6 Stinger energy bars. These are delicious and provide a lot of go juice.

A Salomon Beanie. My favorite part of the package. Fleece lined, stretchy, and warm enough for the whole winter. It fits great, and weighs very little. It’s a little bold, but that’s great in the snow.

A stack of stickers. Advertising and swag in one!

A thank you card. Because they’re nice like that.

Overall impression

The Bivy Sak came wrapped with care in a piece of burlap sack, tied down with some color twine. It created a nice presentation, and also provided a friendly way of securing the items inside. The box was sturdy and protected the contents well. The equipment inside was all of great quality and provided excellent quality. . The best inclusions were the Salomon jacket and beanie, which alone made the entire subscription price feel worth it. There wasn’t a single piece of gear included that felt like a throw away, and nothing felt like filler. Everything is genuinely useful. I’m quite impressed with their first showing. If they can keep it up, they’ll be onto something!


For more information, and to get your own Bivy Sak, check out their Website.


If you have any questions or comments, drop them below or send me an email. Thanks to Bivy Sak for sending this one over. Our full disclosure is available on our Contact us Page.

Thanks to Bivy Sak for sending this one over.


4 thoughts on “Bivy Sak 1st arrival

  1. You may want to clarify the costs here. It’s $25 a month and the boxes ship quarterly. So the actual cost is $75 per box. From what I saw, the value still exceeds the cost, but from your description, it can be misleading.
    Hike on!

  2. This has turned out to be a total rip off. Despite the glowing reviews, the value of the box, after researching the msrp of each item was less than half of what I was charged. Let the buyer beware. My box included a cheap substitute for the main item described on the enclosed card. I have tried to contact bivysac but they do not reply.

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