SAXX Kinetic Underwear. I’m never going back.

I never thought I could like a pair of underwear quite this much. It’s weird really. It’s almost an obsession. This pair of underwear is so great in fact that I cannot come up with a single negative thing to say about them. Instead, I’ll just tell you about them, and why they’re so amazing.

Who are SAXX and why do they want me to wear their underwear? Founded in 2006, SAXX founder Trent Kitsch, after a long Alaskan fishing trip, decided underwear could and should be handled better. SAXX has been cranking out prototypes and honing their designs ever since. They focus on designing underwear for men and they way they are actually built. This brings us to today, and my review of the Kinetic Underwear.

They use a blends of polyester, modal, viscose, nylon and merino wool or cotton to target the specific function that every panel is designed for. This makes a huge difference that’s hard to explain individually, but it comes together to make something that just feels better. Here, they used a blend of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, perfect for high energy sports like backpacking and hiking.

Never before have I wore underwear, or anything for that matter, that was just so comfortable and natural. Utilizing nine different panels, including an ergonomic front pouch, venting mesh panels and 4 way stretch panels, the Kinetics take in consideration each and every inch of the male body. They’re supportive where needed, stretchy where not, and they are ever so airy and lightweight.


SAXX Kintetic

What I liked

Comfort like I have never experienced. While hiking, the underwear never once shifted or began to ride up. They stay in place, and they prevent chaffing all around. The flat seems are near imperceptible when in use thanks to the flat lock technology, which eliminates any friction that may have occurred otherwise. The blended build material is silky, and feels great to the touch. They’re cool, thanks to the mesh panels on the back, and if you do work up a sweat they dry quickly thanks to the synthetic blending of nylon and spandex.

The fit is also exceptional, holding close and snug to the body without feeling tight or constricting. Normally, underwear that fit me close feel like they’re squeezing the life out of me. This is not the case here. All day, and all night, the Kinetics stayed comfortable and inviting.

SAXX Kintetic


What I didn’t like

Retailing for around 40 bucks, the Kinetic underwear are not terribly cheap, and it doesn’t matter. They’re worth every penny.


I never really knew that underwear needed to be improved. Now, it’s terribly obvious. The flat seams, silky materials, and well targeted stretch panels make the SAXX Kinetic Underwear some of the most comfortable I’ve ever tested. Combine this with the breezy mesh panels, light-weight materials, and an ergonomic fit, and I present to you, by far, the best underwear that I’ve ever tested.

The Highest of Recommendations

For more information on SAXX and their products, check out their website. For information on our rating system and our testing procedures, check out our About us/ Contact us page.

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Huge thanks to SAXX for providing these exceptional garments for review. Our full disclosure is available on our contact us page. 








2 thoughts on “SAXX Kinetic Underwear. I’m never going back.

  1. I’ve been using Saxx Kinetic boxers for a couple years now. Excellent and well worth the money. I have two more pairs on order from Massdrop, where they occasionally are offered at reduced cost. Having experienced a very painful “potato peeler” caused by brand “E” underwear on the Long Trail, I won’t hike without these, period. I also have a couple of Kinetic Briefs, but like the boxers better.

    1. Hey Tom,
      I know exactly what your’e talking about. The good undies are the first line of defence, and on long trips they make a huge difference. Glad you’re enjoying them as much as I have! I haven’t managed to wear a pair out yet and I’ve been using them for years.

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