MSR Thru-hiker Mesh House 2 Preview (Tents designed for Thru-Hikers)

MSR has developed new minimalist tents designed with Appalachian Trail Through Hikers in mind. The new tents are double walled, and the inner mesh and outer rain fly can be pitched independently for maximum flexibility. They’re designed to work with the ever-changing conditions of the AT, going from frigid freezing springs, to blistering hot summers and biting insects. .

The Thru-Hiker Mesh House 2 is essentially a mesh shelter to protect from insects and small critters and is designed to be used independently, or paired with the 70 Wing or 100 wing tarp to produce a full, double walled shelter for hiker sand their gear.

MSR Thru Hiker Mesh House 2

The Mesh House 2 houses two hikers and will retail for $199.95, and weighs just 14 oz. It’s built from 10D nylon micromesh, and 15D nylon ripstop for the floor with a 1,200 mm waterproofing layer.

MSR Thru Hiker Mesh House 2

The Thru-hiker 70 Wing will MSRP for $179.95 and weighs only 12 oz. It has room inside the completely shelter the Mesh House 2, and even has room up front for boots and gear. It will pack down tiny, and can hold two or three people. It’s built from a 20D nylon, and has mounting options for trekking poles or can be strung between trees.

MSR Thru Hiker 70 Wing

Combined, the entire shelter, mesh and rain fly, will weigh just 26 oz. This provides obvious advantages and flexibility to those who are thru hiking, or just want something lighter and reliable.

You should see them both available this spring.

MSR Thru Hiker Mesh House 2


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