Thermarest Luxury Map Review

The Luxury Map camping mattress from Thermarest is a generously designed self-inflating sleeping pad conceived with one purpose; Pure, unconditional comfort. Designed for front-country adventures, the Luxury Map removes consideration of weight and pack-ability, and instead focuses on the bests possible nights sleep.

The large, 3″ x 20″ x 72″ mattress is wrapped in a durable 75D polyester Diamond Ripstop, and is built upon a foundation of dense and compressible die cut PU Foam which fills the entire pad. The die cut essentially cores out particular parts of the pad, leaving more foam where firmness is needed, while removing material in areas that are better off softer. This mapping follows the pressure point profile of the body, strategically cutting back where needed. This minimizes pressure points and weight by allowing the body to sink in around the shoulders and hips, while still providing support for the spine and and legs. There is a standard two way valve for inflation and deflation, and an included stuff sack for storage. Made in the U.S.A, the pad has an r-value of 6.9, retails for $99 and weighs in at 3 lbs 4 oz. for the regular.

Thermarest Luxury Map Sleeping Pad

What I liked

By far, I’ve never experienced a sleeping pad that provided this type of true uncompromised comfort. I honestly had trouble deciding if I wanted to sleep in my bed or on the Luxury Map when I first got it home. The die cut foam conforms around the body, sinking in at the right zones while staying firm around the perimeter. Instead of producing a uniform stiffness throughout, which contorts the spine and puts considerable pressure on the hips and shoulders, the Luxury map allowed me to sink in at the bulkier zones of my body, lining up my back, shoulders and hips, eliminating morning stiffness and soreness. Whether I was laying on my back, stomach, or even my side, I always found a comfortable position, without tossing and turning to achieve it. Pressing my hand against mattress I can feel the foam giving under my weight, compressing like a true mattress as it gently cradles the hand without the entire pad resisting the change in pressure. Even when I deflated the pad too much, dropping my butt on the ground, I didn’t even notice due to the thick padding of that foam that provided protection.

Thermarest Luxury Map Sleeping Pad

The materials feel nice against the skin. They have a very subtle texture to them, which almost feels like a bedding sheet. They’re smooth without being slippery. Instead of skating around to the lowest corners of a tent while camping on a slope, the pad generally stays in place.

The mattress is built fantastic. Why cut back when you don’t have to worry about weight? Thermarest certainly didn’t. The thick 75D polyester rip-stop (diamond weave) nylon is very resistant to scuffs and tears, while the seams and the valve have a sturdy feel to them. I never once found myself worrying about the pad going flat or developing a puncture.

Being self-inflating, setup is pretty simple. Upon unrolling and opening the valve after having the mattress compressed, an audible hissing sound is creating from the powerful vacuum that’s created from expanding foam. Leave it out around 15 minutes, and most of the work is finished for you. It inflates most of the way, only requiring a few more good breaths to fully inflate the mattress. Deflating it is just as simple. Open the valve, fold it in half, and sit on it for a bit. Body weight and gravity will do the rest.

Thermarest Luxury Map Sleeping Pad
The cutouts allow the hips and shoulders to sink in.

The incredibly high r-value of 6.8 means the pad will be warm and comfortable in practically any environment, well below freezing.

At $99, the Luxury Map is a steal.

Thermarest Luxury Map Sleeping Pad

What I didn’t like

The large overall size and thickness means the mattress will take up a considerable amount of storage space stored uncompressed. Using the storage sack will certainly save you some space, but I prefer to leave mine slightly lofted and rolled loosely. Either method should be fine.

Thermarest Luxury Map Sleeping Pad


It’s hard to go back. Spending time on the Luxury Map has spoiled me. The mapping technology that Thermarests has implemented, paired with the generously thick and naturally compressible PU foam creates a mattress that seems to cradle the sleeper, creating the most comfortable pad I’ve ever tested. The exceptionally high r-value of 6.8 ensures the pad can be used year round, and at just $99, finding a good nights sleep comes cheap.

The highest of recommendations

Thermarest Luxury Map Sleeping Pad

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I want to extend a big thanks to Thermarest for their continued support and for providing us this great mattress for review. Our full disclosure can be found here.

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