ENO Helios Suspension System Review

One of the perks of going with hammock camping is the possibility of shedding some weight. Why then are so many hammock suspension systems so heavy? The Eno Helios suspension system is a pair of ultralight straps that aim to make that question irrelevant.

Built from incredibly light weight and durable Dyneema line paired with a polyester blend tree sling, the Helios are able to provide a full 300lbs of strength while weighing just 5.7 oz. The system works by using a bury splice adjustment, which is essentially one rope that’s threaded through the center of the second.  Applying weight to the strands, which form a loop that connects to the hammock on one side, tightens the first rope down around the second, creating a firm lock. A simple pull of the central strand when not weighted allows it to slide through the outer, shortening up the loop, adjusting the length of the suspension system. It’s a genius system that’s not only reliable, but it sheds a lot of weight, eliminating the need for various loops and a thick overly built strap. The wide polyester strap slides around the tree, protecting the bark while also preventing slippage. The Helios Suspension System is available now at $34.95.

Eno Helios Suspension
Looking closely, you can see the symbiotic ropes on the right of the logo as the adjustment point

What I liked

Not only is the Helios the lightest real suspension system I’ve ever tested at just under 6 oz., it’s also the best. Instead of having to lock into a specific loop with large gaps in between the adjust-ability, the suspension can be fine tuned to any length along the rope. This means no more deciding between too tight or too loose. It can be tightened down to exactly the tension needed, promoting more comfort while inside the hammock.

Despite the incredible light weight, the system is still reliable. Built with incredibly strong Dyneema fibers, it manages to still hold 300 lbs of weight without sacrificing safety. The polyester blend straps lock snugly against a tree without slipping, and without fraying. The stitching is smooth and beautifully done with great consistency, which only further adds to the long term viability of the straps.

The straps also take up minimal space, easily fitting inside my front pants pockets. The included stuff sack helps keep them packed down and tangle free.

The best part? They only cost $35.

Eno Helios Suspension

What I didn’t like

Not sufficient for a double hammock, due to the weight limit. Really, I’m just trying to find something to whine about here…I love these things.


The Helios suspension system is fantastic. It’s incredibly light weight, very packable, and is more adjustable than almost any other strap on the market. At just 35 bucks, they’re an excellent value too. If weight is a concern at all, I cannot recommend these enough. Hands down, my favorite straps.

The highest of recommendations

Helios (3)

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I want to extend a huge thanks ENO for providing these excellent straps for review. We really appreciate the support. Our full disclosure can be found here.

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