Form Insoles Review

To be honest, the insoles of my shoes are one of the few things that I don’t think about when I’m dwelling on every essential piece of gear in my kit. After testing a pair of Form Insoles inside a pair of my favorite boots, maybe I should.

Form Insoles produces high quality insoles that are designed to not only replace the ones inside your boot or shoes, but to also improve upon them. These are made to mold to fit the shape of your foot, enhancing both fit and comfort. This occurs either by extended wear, or by heat molding them to your feet using their Warm’N Form technology. This allows them to customize themselves to the natural contours of your feet. They’re built from multiple layers of a sturdy base layer, varying by style, high density foam padding, and Temperweave top fabric which reduces moisture, friction and odor. They offer a 100 day money back fit guarantee, and they’re available now for $39.99.

What I thought

Initially, I was unsure of what to think. My soles seem fine in all of my boots and shoes. I’ve never really had any complaints or reason to change them out. After spending some time with the Form Insoles, I cannot look back at my stock soles without a feeling of disdain. Not that they’re bad insoles, in fact they’re quite good. Some of my favorite actually. It’s the simple fact that the form insoles were just such a substantial improvement.

Upon molding them to my feet (two minutes in the oven at 215 F and 3 minutes standing inside my boots with them to shape them), it felt odd. Instead of a flat pedestal, the soles had shape and character to them. I didn’t like it. I felt like I was standing on a lump or a knot on a log, at first. Another hour or so of using them and they had set up and molded to my feet perfectly. Suddenly, the lumpy obstruction in my shoes was a natural extension of the curves of my feet. I was blissfully unaware that there was anything underneath my feet. I’ve found that my feet are less achy, especially after spending long periods of time standing on my heal or pounding my arches (my trouble points). They provide a more substantial padding and support than what was included in any of my footwear.

Form Insoles (2)

While 40 bucks might seem a little steep for insoles, they can certainly be of immeasurable value. This is especially true if you have a problematic set of feet, or a particularly bothersome pair of boots that are either losing their support or simply not providing the protection they need to.


Reluctant at first, I certainly see the appeal of upgrading the insoles in my shoes. Stock insole wear out, flatten out, and become useless pretty quickly. This I already knew. Even after a few months of use, my original soles in my favorite light hikers have failed me, leaving me achy and sore. The Form Insoles not only replenished my shoes performance, but they feel better than ever. The ability to custom mold the sole to the foot cannot be understated, and they provide a variety of options for arch shapes and supports (I used the stiffest they had, and it worked great on the trail). With anything that’s foot wear related, millage will vary based on your foot, shoes, and usage. But, if you’re finding yourself with achy feet or knees, it’s certainly worth a shot, especially considering the 100 day money back guarantee.

Highly Recommended

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