SAXX Blacksheep Long Johns

When I heard that the makers of my favorite pair of underwear have started cranking out Merino wool long johns, I was instantly interested. Good undies are surprisingly hard to find. Luckily, they’ve been been designed to provide both warmth and flexibility, alongside of the untouchable comfort SAXX is already becoming known for. I’ve been plowing away through the recent blizzard in my very own pair, and here are my thoughts.

Made from a thin and light blend of 95% Merino and 5% Spandex, the Blacksheep Long Johns are full length unders that are meant to be worn underneath an outer layer for added warmth. A wide, soft waist band emossed with the SAXX logo sits atop the garment, and provides a snug fit around the hip. They’re available now, weigh in at 5.4 oz and retail for $84.95, coming in both black and grey.


What I liked 

They Blacksheeps are incredibly comfortable, living up to SAXX’s already stellar reputation. Generally, I’m ready to rip thermals off as soon as I get inside, but with these, I actually didn’t want to remove them. I was warm and cozy, and never even noticed they were there until they weren’t. The soft materials feel warm and inviting, without getting itchy or becoming abrasive while hiking. The seams are wonderfully flat in profile to the point that I could never feel one while wearing them. This results in a cozy fit that provides ample comfort even after miles of trekking through the snow and slush. The material is nice and stretchy which helps maintain full body movement while stepping up on rocks and climbing hills, and the material is form fitting enough to not bunch up or shift while in motion. This comes together to create a garment that is nearly undetectable, which is exactly what I want.

They’re quite warm despite their light weight build thanks to the Merino wool base material (the warmest thermal material I’ve tried). When paired with a light wind blocking soft shell pant I was able to stay comfortably warm into the upper teens in blowing wind and snow without becoming overheated or sweaty.

The fit is phenomenal. They stay close and stretch easily, which creates a molding affect that leaves no gaps or creases. They’re generous in length which can help prevent breezes around the ankles as you can run them underneath a sock, but they don’t feel uncomfortable if you have to bunch them up at the ankles a bit like myself (5’8″ testing a medium). They provide ample storage room, if you know what I mean, and the backside never gets tugged down when bending over or working outside.

Durability has been great, with no signs of wear and tear, and the natural ability of Merino wool to shunt odor is certainly welcomed after long bouts of high intensity hiking.

SAXX Blacksheep

What I didn’t like

They’re some of the more expensive thermals I’ve tested at just under 85 bucks.


The Blacksheet Long Johns from SAXX continue to impress with a full featured winter variant of my long standing favorite underwear. They’re warm, comfortable, and withstand constant friction underneath my zippered soft shell pants without any problems at all. They provide real warmth without being too hot, and provide the most comfortable fit and fabric blends that I’ve ever come across. Despite the high price tag, I cannot recommend them enough.

The highest of recommendations.

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I wanted to send a special thanks out for SAXX for their extended support and for providing this excellent piece of equipment to review. We couldn’t do this without their help. Thank you so much! Our full disclosure can be found on the about me/contact page.


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