Mountain Khakis Rendezvous Quarter Zip Review

Merino wool is an amazing material; Soft, warm, and it performs in a just about any condition imaginable. Wrapping that same material into a soft pullover? Magical things happen indeed. The Rendezvous from Mountain Khakis has treated me well from deep into the frozen woods to the middle of a bustling city. This is my review.

Constructed from 8.8 oz of Australian Merino Wool with a gentle stretchy weave,  the Rendezvous is a lightweight but warm pullover jacket with a YKK zipper running one forth of the length of the garment. Lycra thumb loops and cuffs are provided to allow for easy layering and an adjustment free fit. There is an included single chest pocket located on the left side, and a stand up collar that lines the top but can be folded down for more air. It’s a lightweight jacket that provides moderate warmth for cooler conditions, and It’s available now for about $72.

Mountain Khakis Rendezvous

What I liked

The Rendezvous uses some of the softest Jersey Knit Merino Wool that I’ve ever tested. It’s so soft in fact that at first I had no idea what material the jacket was actually made from as it doesn’t share some of the properties normally associated with Merino Wool. Instead of being scruffy and stiff, the texture comes across as a bit silky, somewhere between that of fleece and polyester with a weave that allows for a great deal of stretch and flexibility. This makes for a garment that’s very easy to wear and borderline friction free against the skin. The inside is a bit piled, while the outside provides a clean woven aesthetic. This provides warmth and promotes a sportier, cleaner finish.

Actually wearing the jacket is a pleasure with the material creating an adaptive yet warm environment that’s useful both while moving and when stopped. It’s breathes very well while trapping enough heat to provide a comfortable level of warmth without creating a sweat shop. The build provides ample room to move around inside, while the natural stretch of the fabric grants unobstructed movement and full dexterity. When sized up it can provide a relaxed loose fit, or sized down to present a more close the body fit.

While hiking, I’ve been able to stay quite warm into the 30’s while still providing enough warmth to keep me happy into the 50’s when not producing body heat while resting or at camp. It dries quite fast and also loses no ability to insulate if it does manage to get damp from sweat or precipitation. This makes for a very diverse garment that’s usable in a wide array of situations, be it damp, wet, or just plain cold. It’s also very comfortable to wear around town or at the office with just enough insulation to provide warmth while sessile without causing overheating.

The styling of the jacket is fabulous, with smooth stitches and a pattern that looks somewhat sporty while still being a bit muted and unobtrusive. It’s a bit classic, but with a very modern touch to it thanks to the less traditional weave and zipper. The embroidered MK logo adds a tiny touch of flair and adds street credibility, which is always appreciated.

Mountain Khakis Rendezvous

What I didn’t like

Sizing is a little odd, with the large falling somewhere between what I usually consider a medium and a large. They definitely run a bit small, but only about a half size. I found myself sizing up which resulted in a somewhat loose (although extremely comfortable ) fit while the medium came out far too small. I couldn’t find that perfect fit, but for many who land in between sizes this will be perfect.

It likes to attract fuzz and such. I highly recommend turning it inside out before washing.

I’d love to see a version of this jacket with a couple of hand pockets.

Mountain Khakis Rendezvous


The Rendezvous is something of a new classic. It feels and looks a bit like a high performance fleece, but it wears better, regulates better, and is infinitely softer without any of the scratchiness associated with it. It’s an excellent piece of gear for high exertion climbs where you’re putting off lots of heat, but also cozy when sitting around in a cold office. Aside from a slightly odd sizing model, it’s an exceptional jacket at a surprisingly good price of only 72 bucks. It looks good anywhere, and it performs great anywhere. What more could I ask for.

Highly Recommended

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I wanted to send a special thanks out to Mountain Khakis for their continued support and for providing this excellent piece of equipment to review. We couldn’t do this without their help. Thank you so much! Our full disclosure can be found on the about me/contact page.


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