Parakito Natural Mosquito Repellent

Using a blend of natural oils to mask the scent of human breath (which mosquitoes use to hone in on our lovely flesh), the Parakito bracelets and roll on gels provide a simple to use alternative to Deet and Picaridin for mosquito protection.

Using a unique blend of Citronella, Rosemary, Geranium, Mint, Clove and Peppermint oil, the Parakito products work by simply diffusing into the air. They provide two options: a wrist band with refillable pellets and a roll on gel applicator that is applied directly to the skin. The band is convenient for those with sensitive skin, as it’s not actually contacting the flesh. It can simply be left in the general area for the same effect too, so you don’t even have to wear it. The roll on gel is a bit more potent in my experience and can be applied directly to trouble spots such as the neck, wrists, ankles, etc.


So, do they work? Actually, yes. I’ve found the roll on gel applicator to be particularly effective even in very buggy conditions. I’ve had less success with the wrist bands for whatever reason, possibly due to the nature of the band itself limiting the area that it can be applied. This and it lacks the potency of the roll on gel. The bands effectiveness also seems to vary from person to person, with the gel having a broader more consistent result. Both devices do have a rather strong scent, which is good as their usefulness relies on it. Luckily,it’s not an unpleasant one but others will definitely pick up on it. While I cannot say they’re quite as effective as more traditional chemical based repellents that are sprayed directly onto the body, they certainly work and provide more natural options for the end user, which is always great to have.

All in all, they’re both solid alternatives, especially the roll on gel, if you’re looking to dodge some of the chemical alternatives on the market.


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