Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket Review

Winter has finally made it, and with it comes brisk, chilling air. Staying warm can be a challenge, so it’s nice to have an excellent, comfortable blanket by your side both on the trail and at home for a little extra support. This is the Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket, and it’s fabulous.

The Rumpl Down Blanket is an ultra-light, water resistant blanket designed for use both inside and out. Constructed from a lightweight 20D ripstop nylon and filled with 600 power water-resistant down, it’s made to be light enough and warm enough for year round use in various conditions, be that lounging by the fireplace or hanging out by the campfire on a lonely peak. It has a large footprint at 54″ x 80″, but packs down to a small 7″x7″ and weighs just 1.12 lbs. It retails for $199.00, includes a nice stuff sack, comes in three colors, and has more affordable synthetic variants available as well.


What I liked

The Rumpl Down Blanket is built just like a high quality sleeping bag, complete with a lightweight nylon construction, a waterproof DWR coating, consistent stitching and good quality 600 down fill. The result is a solid performing blanket that is able to keep me warm well into the 40’s when camping. The use of a DWR coating both inside and out means a light drizzle, or even a momentary downpour while scrambling to the tent, isn’t going to wet out the down fill. The materials are also fairly durable, resisting dirt, scuffs, scrapes, and even a couple of unexpected cat encounters around my home, making this a viable option for backpacking.

It’s also quite handy to have around the house. On cold winter days when you may not necessarily want to crank the heat, or even when the power goes out after a strong storm, the Rumpl makes for a great preparation piece. It packs down small and can easily be stashed away, but fluffs up effortlessly when needed and provides substantial warmth. It’s especially nice to have around the couch, for snuggling up and watching movies, or while warming up on a cold morning before a day of work.

Rumpl Down Blanket

The use of down insulation means the Rumple regulates extremely well. It holds plenty of warm air, but never really feels too hot, even when used into the 70’s thanks to it’s breathable materials.The fabric is soft, flexible, and wraps easily around the body for that tucked in mummy feel, or it can be tossed over the body like a more traditional blanket, further adjusting the usable temperature range. It’s also light enough that it can be paired with other sleeping bags as an extra layer of insulation, meaning it’s usable year round with a little planning.

The Rumpl looks very nice, combining premium materials with a unique baffling design that results in an interesting, aesthetically pleasing style . The battles are stitched in a way that not only holds the down in place, in nice square patches, but also creates a flowing wave like pattern along the surface. I haven’t found anything else quite like it, yet it easily blends in with modern homes or clashes in just the right way with rustic cabins. It comes in multiple colors too, adding flexibility for those who are interested in color coding their homes or even tents.

What I didn’t like

The ever rare item that offers nothing for me to complain about rouses my suspicions. I’m watching you Rumpl…

Rumple down


The Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket is an exceptional item. It’s lightweight, warm, and provides a wonderfully comfortable nights (or evenings) rest thanks to it’s well regulating construction, silky feel, and cozy baffles. It looks great, feels great, and holds up to a wide range of conditions both inside and out. There really isn’t any more that I can ask for out of a piece of equipment, affording it my highest possible rating.

The highest of Recommendations

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