Klean Kanteen Reflect Insulated Bottle

The beautifully styled Reflect Insulated bottle from Klean Kanteen holds 20 ounces of life giving goodness, promises to keep liquids cold for 24 hours, and looks great while doing it.

The bottle combines a stainless steel vacuum sealed chamber, sustainably harvested bamboo topped cap and food grade silicone seal, all into a tight fitting, durable vessel. With the cap, it weighs 13 ounces, has a nice steel carry loop, and is compatible with other lids from the Klean Kanteen line for replacements or just customizing the look.

Other than being a great looking bottle, the Reflect has a lot going for it. The 18/8 stainless steel (kitchen grade) holds up great. There is no paint or plastic, so under normal use, there is practically nothing to wear down or scratch up on it. It’s sized well to fit in the hand, and the cap spins on and off effortlessly, without having tight threads that want to cross or get hung up. I’ve also found the vacuum insulation to do an excellent job of keeping liquids cool. Even after leaving the bottle in a hot car for 8 hours on a 85 F day, the liquid inside was still nice and cold when retrieving it later, despite the outside being exposed to the sun and hot to the touch. I’ve not tried it with ice (I’m not an ice kind of guy) but this would only improve it’s performance, perhaps even reaching their claimed 40 hours with cubes inside.

Klean Kanteen (img 1)

The only down sides here is the fact that very hot liquids shouldn’t be used with this particular bottle (the bamboo cap has issues with it) and the metal threads on the cap result in metal on metal contact while screwing it on and off, which creates a sound I find to be a bit grating. Luckily, the cap is replaceable with other caps if the sound is too bothersome. In the end, I found it tolerable and really like the look of it, so I’ll be keeping it around.

Thankfully, the bottle never leaks, holds up great under the heat of the summer, and comes with a solid warranty too. They’re available now, the 20 oz. version retails for $40.95 (21$ for the 18 oz.), and comes in a brushed or mirror finish.

For more information on Klean Kanteen and and their wide range of products, check out their website, https://www.kleankanteen.com/

For information on our rating system and our testing procedures, check out our About us/ Contact us page.

I want to extend a huge thanks to Klean Kanteen for their support and for providing this product for review. We couldn’t do it without their help. Our full disclosure can be found here.

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