2019 Nemo tents, Sleeping Bags, and Pads Preview

New for 2019, Nemo is rolling out new and revised tents, sleeping bags and pads, including a 1 lb. 6. oz two person tent called the Rocket. Let’s take a look.

Starting with some new sleeping bags, this years new offerings focus on reducing weight and increasing warmth. Their new FeatherCore technology claims to compare or even beat 650 fill down bags, while retaining the performance benefits of synthetic fibers. This is featured in the Kyan and Azura mummy bags. The new Kayu and Aya sleeping bags are new women specific models, while the Banshee is an ultralight quilt design that has really caught my attention. An old favorite of mine, the Siren, has also been updated to shave even more weight.

Their new sleeping pads introduce their new Laylow technology, which is a multi-valve system that should emphasize easier inflation and deflation while sticking closer to the surface of the sleeping pad itself. They also introduced closed-cell foam and self inflating pads to their line (the Switchback and Roam respectively). They’ve even began including their Vortex pad pumps with their ultra-light lineup, which includes the tensors and Astro series.

Finally, their tent range also gets some updates. The all new Rocket features the “T” pole system, which is basically an arch with a vertical beam intersecting at the peak. This reduces pack size and weight, but also creates a large interior. This is how they achieved the claimed 1 lb 6 oz weight, while still having room inside for two people. The Hornet and Hornet elite now feature the Flybar pole clip system which adds more internal volume, while smaller changes like pre-bent poles on the Dagger also increase living space. The Dragonfly is a new tent designed to provide more space, at a slight weight penalty, for those who emphasize comfort but still don’t want to be weighed down.

So, 2019 looks like an exciting year for Nemo with lots of small but meaningful changes, as well as some very exciting additions, like the Rocket two person tent and the Banshee quilt. With any luck I’ll cover some of these in detail later in the year, so check back.

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