Ottolock, Lightweight Portable Lock Review

The Ottolock combines layers of Aramid fibers, steel sheets and Kevlar into a lightweight, yet durable portable security lock. My review:

The Ottock differs from other locks in that it is designed to be lightweight, and as portable as possible. The lock is a single unit comprised of a stiff layered security band and an integrated combination lock. The 18″ model weighs just 145 grams and rolls up to about the size of a compact disk.


Designed for quick stops in areas of low crime, the Ottolock isn’t meant to be a high security device. It can rather easily be cut with the right tools, just like any other bike security device, but it excels at convenience and weight. To use the lock, it simply uncurls, slides into itself (while holding the lock release button) and it’s locked. It unlocks by turning the combination to the user configurable number and it slides back apart. It is far faster than a chain or U-lock, and it packs up significantly smaller at a much lower weight too.


I quite liked the way I could roll it up, toss it in my pack, or even better, wrap it around my bike frame, securing it in place with its own strap. When stopping to grab a quick bite or item from a store, I wouldn’t have to fight with a huge lock or bolt. Admittedly, I wouldn’t do this with a very expensive bike in a high crime area, but for urban areas or in front of small shops, it should be plenty enough to discourage the casual bike thief.

The Ottock also makes a great secondary lock, for securing a front wheel (easy target), a helmet or small pieces of gear. Given the weight, it is light enough to carry around for those surprise stops (bathroom break) on a commute, and is a good option for locking a bike up inside an office area too.

Wrapped on the frame for easy transport

For long stops, overnights, or use in big cities, I definitely recommend a robust chain or U-lock for your bike. This isn’t meant for that and won’t pose much of a challenge for a professional. However, for smaller items, cheaper bikes, or quick use in safer towns, this is a nice alternative to the 10 lb. chain I use where professional bike thieves are known to prowl. The Ottolock goes for about $50, is available now, and is a convenient, lightweight alternative.

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