Freeland Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

With dual inflation valves, a thick 1.5″ self inflating foam core, a built in pillow and a low $35 price tag, is this affordable car camping sleeping pad a good choice?

An Amazon exclusive, the 3.1 lb. sleeping pad is designed to be a plush self inflating, warm sleeping pad for those who aren’t willing or able to spend a lot of money on a sleep system. It has a permanently affixed inflatable pillow, two inflation valves for faster self inflation, clips for attaching multiple units together, and even built in straps to roll it up for packing. It’s built for Polyester Pongee and comes in at 76″ (including the pillow as length) x 24.8 ” wide and is 1.5 inch thick.

Since I’ve already made a quick and dirty video about this pad, I’ll insert it below to cover most of my thoughts. Still, here is a quick summary of my thoughts:

It’s actually a rather comfortable and warm sleeping pad. It provides warmth down to about freezing temperature, has a nice wide platform, and the ability to connect them together into a large floor like surface is pretty nice too. The foam is compressible and provides excellent support on basically any surface.

However, the pillow is permanently attached and makes up a significant portion of the overall length of the pad. I personally didn’t find it very comfortable, with it being a bit too tall and lacking the ability to compress. Decreasing the air volume results in a smaller, but highly unstable sleeping surface. It rocks back and forth way too much to be viable. You can deflate the pillow completely and tuck it under the pad, but then the pad comes up under full length.

Durability seems O.K. but certainly not exceptional. I didn’t have any issues with it but I do need to spend more time with it to see how well it holds up over time.

At 35 bucks? It’s not a bad choice. The full foam core actually provides good warmth and a rather comfy sleeping surface that helps prevent pressure points. That pillow though, I’m not a fan at all. If you are like me you may well end up deflating the pillow and tossing a backpack or sit pad under your feet to make up the length difference.

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