UAG Pathfinder Phone Case Review

The Pathfinder from UAG (Urban Armor Gear) is a slim, lightweight phone case designed for the rugged outdoors. Impact resistant and streamlined, it provides lightweight defense for Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone series phones.

A Cellphone is one of the most important items I carry. It can provide route information, weather alerts, map my trks, take photos, and most importantly, signal for help in the event of an emergency. That is, if the phone still works. So, my phone protected is not only convenient, it is vital.

The Pathfinder case is designed to feel at home while balancing an urban and city life. It has an impressively slim profile that easily slides into a pocket, but is still reinforced in key areas to help it take a beating. It’s constructed from a combination of hard composites for the body and a shock absorbing soft core. This allows the case to take and distribute an impact, increasing the chances of the phones survival. The top and bottom of the phone is ridged with a thick rubber like bumper, which extends beyond the screen to prevent the display from slapping against the ground in a fall, even when dropped face down. In my experience, it handles drops very well, handily escaping disaster on multiple occasions, with no damage to the case or phone at all. It has also been rather scratch resistant, holding up to pocket and backpack use alike.

The body feels nice in the hand thanks to the high grade composite frame. The material is smooth without being slippery, and small ridges along the side provide a little bit of extra grip that hook up in the event that the phone does begin slide in the hand. I do find that the ridges feel a little harsh against my skin, but aren’t terribly disturbing either. I would prefer for these to be slightly more rounded and more numerous to compensate for the detraction in grip, but it’s a minor complaint.

UAG Pathfinder Case

The buttons feel great to use with the case (actually better than without the case) and the USB C port, mic, speakers and 3.5mm jack all retain full accessibility and function.

I also like the look of the case. It has a unique look that is developed with an emphasis on functionality, but managing to a nice aesthetic along the way. It looks unique with the hard, angular ridges, without being distracting or begging for attention with the muted colors and lass of gloss.

Overall, the Pathfinder case by UAG has turned out to be a great choice, winning in a direct comparison to a few others that I’ve tested. It’s supremely light weight, feels well enough in the hand, has held up wonderfully both on and off the trail, and it looks great too.

UAG Pathfinder Case

Highly Recommended

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