Hydro Flask Food Jars

The Hydro Flask Food Jars are sturdy, convenient travel containers designed to carry hot or cold food without the fear of leaks or breaks.

The Food Jars come in three different sizes, 12, 20 and 28 ounces in volume. They’re made of professional grade powdered steel coated stainless steel with a nice rubberized grip and squeak free threads. They retail for $35, $39 and $45 respectively with multiple color choices and a lifetime warranty for each.

I’ve so far very much enjoyed mine. I have the 12 and 20 ounce versions and have found them exceedingly useful, especially when traveling. They handily hold hot oatmeal, chili or other liquid rich foods while keeping them hot for the better part of a full work day. I’ve not found much reason to keep anything terribly cold in them yet, but ice cream does stay mostly frozen for about 2 hours, while puddings, pasta salads and other cold dishes have stayed cold for upwards of 6 in my testing.

I really enjoy the soft grip and grippy bottom as it makes them easy to open with cold hands or gloves, and the large opening readily accommodates any spoon, fork or funky hybrid I could dig up. I prefer to use plastic utensils as I am never a fan of metal on metal, but it does work in a pinch and I haven’t noticed metal utensils scratching up the bottom of the container, so that’s a plus.

hydro flask food jars

I’m yet to really find anything to complain about with these, so I’m just going to move on and say who I imagine these are for. If you’re spending hours away from a place without a microwave to heat up your food or love hot or cold dishes on the trails, these are excellent. Personally, I carry these to work with pre-heated food so I don’t have to go through drive throughs or embark on a journey to find a public microwave. I also use them to pack special meals or snacks on the trail (think hot fudge cake in one and cold ice cream in another for an anniversary surprise on a hike for example).

If you’re mobile and could use something sturdy, reliable and leak proof, I absolutely recommend these. They’re a little pricey, but I have a strong feeling they’re going to last for many years. If they don’t? They do have the lifetime warranty. They look great, feel great, clean up easily, and are genuinely enjoyable to use.

The highest of Recommendations

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