Nocs Standard Issues Waterproof Binoculars Review

Designed to be a rugged and packable travel binocular, the Standard issue Binoculars from Nocs Provisions are a lightweight, compact, and durable option for birding and view finding while on the go.

The Standard Issue binoculars come with all the standard features, twist up eye cups for glasses compatibility, an adjustable width, per eye focus, and a lanyard connection. Not as standard is the unique, topographical like textured body. It wraps all around the body and not only provides enhanced grip, but also impact protection. They weigh just 11.9 ounces, come in a wide choice of colors, include a carry sack and basic neck strap, and retail for $95.

Nox Standard Issue Binoculars.
So far the lenses have been easy to keep clean and work well in high humidity.

The binoculars have an all around rugged build with a light yet strong plastic body with the rubberized grip acting like a built in shock absorber. The hinge feels great, with a smooth, grit free rotation when adjusted, and is devoid of any wiggling or play in the mechanism itself. The binoculars do ship with an unconditional lifetime warranty, which further instills confidence in their construction. So far, I’ve had no scratching of the lese, no dirt has gotten inside, and the body hasn’t picked up any dings or scuffs either, despite being tossed into vehicles, around the house, and shoved and removed from all sorts of backpacks and carrying cases.

Nox Standard Issue Binoculars.
The textured grip works great in gloves or when wet. Feels great too.

I particularly like how these binoculars feel in the hand. In many ways I actually prefer the grip and hold above my full sized binoculars. Despite being small and light weight, they provide excellent grip thanks to that ridge-like textured body, and I always felt secure and confident that I wasn’t going to drop it when using it with cold or damp hands. When using them on the move, trying to identify that unique looking bird, a one hand grip (paired with the backup strap) was all I ever needed to keep a solid grip. I’m yet to drop it thankfully. Even when sopping wet the grip performs remarkably well.

Nox Standard Issue Binoculars.
The carry sack is standard, but I believe the fancy strap is extra.

Having a smaller frame I expected to have some trouble with spotting or identifying animals and plants at a distance from a general lack of stability or shakiness, but that so far hasn’t been an issue. The magnification is actually rather good for near spotting, I’m going to say within 40 meters or so, and distance identification works fairly well also, clearly displaying outlines and bolder markings even farther away. The coated lenses provide a brighter view than expected, with a wide FOV that doesn’t feel restrictive. The lenses are also fairly sharp, providing good but not great detail as well. it wasn’t as clear as my heavy full sized binoculars, which is to be expected with the smaller lenses, but I also had no real complaints about it either. The fog resistance certainly helps with this in sour weather.

Nox Standard Issue Binoculars.
These binoculars are smaller than they look. The easily fit in one hand.

Overall, I really like what Nocs Provisions has done here. I generally do not enjoy compact binoculars as they often provide poor magnification or dim lenses, making the cons too inconvenient for me to consider using daily. I typically opt to have no binoculars with me at all when I can’t justify the weight of my full-sized binoculars. However, the Standard Issue 8×25 have changed my view on this. These binocular provide a rather exceptional compact binocular experience, despite their compact size and minimal weight. With their small build, grippy body, sturdy construction and excellent magnification for the size, I can easily justify tossing them into my hiking pack, everyday pack, or just in the passenger seat of my car for stray hawk spotting. The lenses are clear enough that even for daily use they do the trick. I don’t have to worry about breaking them, getting them lost, or having them slip out of my hands when I scurrying up a mountain. If you’re looking for a compact alternative for birding or just taking in the views, these are very easy to recommend. The price is right, the build is great, the performance is there, and I certainly appreciate the warranty.

Highly Recommended

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I want to extend a huge thanks to Nocs for providing this product for review. We couldn’t do it without their help.

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2 thoughts on “Nocs Standard Issues Waterproof Binoculars Review

  1. I bought both the Nocs and the Pentax AD 8×25 WP, both $100 and 8×25. The Pentax is a bit lighter at 10.3oz vs 12.1oz. The Nocs look and feel much better. In general there is almost no perceptible viewing difference in the two, except for Minimum Focus. The Pentax is six feet, the Nocs 16 feet. While testing, a bird landed on the railing nearby and the Nocs were useless, the Pentax superb, and quite often birds etc I want to look at are under 16 feet. Something to consider.

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