Pirani, Reusable Stainless steel Insulated Tumblers

One of the easiest ways to ease your burden on the environment is to simply shift away from single use products. The Pirani Stainless Steel tumbler is a stylish, durable option for those who like the party cup aesthetic, but want to avoid the negatives of “disposable” plastic.

The sleek16 oz. tumbler by Pirani is built tough with a powder coated steel body, an internal copper coating for better insulation, and a rugged Tritan lid. It is fully vacuum sealed, yet still dishwasher safe, perfectly stackable, and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is styled to look like the party cups of tradition, with the curled lip and stacking ridges that aid in grip, but adds some upgrades, like the insulated wall and pop off lid. It promises to keep drinks cold for about 12 hours and hot for 6, which seems fairly accurate in my testing with the lid on, and feels great in the hand while in use. The finish is smooth yet fairly grippy and has held up great for me, both indoors and outside, and has easily survived multiple dishwasher cycles, including the lid. I use mine mostly for hot cocoa and cold tea, and the thick vacuum sealed walls have yet to let me down as they keep my hands cool (or warm) despite the high temperature difference inside.

It comes in at a fairly hefty 8 ounces, which instills confidence in its long term durability, and retails for what I consider a fair price considering the exceptional construction, about $25 including the lid. It also comes with a variety of colors to choose from, and can be bought in bundles for a (small) discount.

Overall, I really like it. It is lovely to use and does a wonderful job of keeping liquids inside if tipped over (although it isn’t perfect at that). I only wish it came in a taller version, as I do go through a lot of water.

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I want to extend a huge thanks to Pirani for providing this product for review. We couldn’t do it without their help.

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