Fenix PD35 Flashlight

The Fenix PD35 is a high quality tactical/EDC (every day carry) flashlight that punches out an impressive 1700 lumens beam with a range of 1171 feet. It has an included rechargeable battery, carry case, it features a rigid all aluminum, waterproof body. My review:

Starting with the overview, the PD35 is a high powered, 1700 lumen flashlight that includes a rechargeable battery with a 1.4-230 hour charge, depending on the mode selected. It includes an adjustable fabric lanyard, a rotating steel belt clip, and durable synthetic holster/carry sleeve. It is built from an aluminum body with a IP68 waterproof rating (good for a 6 foot deep bath for 30 minutes), retails for $80 and weighs about 3 ounces.

The PC35 isn’t a typical flashlight, and I don’t say that lightly. End to end, every inch of the device has been built with purpose. Starting at the lamp end, the tip of the flashlight has a toothed strike bezel, meaning metal extends beyond the lamp and lens to protect it during a fall or unexpected impact. Inside that bezel lies an incredibly powerful 1700 lumen Liminus LED, with carefully aimed and directed housing to provide ample range and width. Just down from that you have a single output level button, also metal and sealed for water tightness. Tap this button and it switches between output modes. Hold it in and it switches to a potent strobe mode with varying pulses and mixed patterns meant to better catch attention in an emergency (it won’t be confused with a radio tower for example). Next up is the textured grip and swivel mounted belt clip, so it can be attached at any angle and can pivot around for added flexibility. Further down you finally meet the power button, stiff and rubberized with partial steel flanks on each side, perfect to prevent accidental activation but still quite easy to activate with a firm thumb press. Every detail is exceptionally well thought out and useful, and the more I study it the more I am impressed with the design as a whole.

Internally, it’s almost entirely a large 9.36Wh battery, screwed together with exceptionally smooth, high quality threading and waterproof seal. Accessing the battery is just a matter of twisting the flashlight to take it apart, which is handy for swapping out batteries on the fly for example. Heat dispersion (and this thing will produce some heat) is handled by sinking the build up through the body of the flashlight, mostly constraining it to the tip of the flashlight by the LED. So far, it hasn’t gotten uncomfortably warm, even on the blindingly bright high power output mode (which can leave spots in my eyes even if the light is bouncing off a wall).

I’ve had this with me for a few months now and I’ve mostly used it in the car and at work, but have also taken it with me on a variety of hiking and biking trips as well. The output of this thing is amazing, generally too bright on anything past the second click honestly. It easily crosses multiple acres of woods, so seeing in the dark with this is not going to be an issue. Low is thankfully dim enough for reading and working up close. Operation is extremely easy, with a single click to turn it on, a quick tap of the separate function button on the side for adjustments, and that is really about it. The battery holds full charge for months on end without needing to charge it, handily displayed via a small, well protected LED level indicator (green=fully charged for example). I do keep it in the carry case, but honestly have wondered if I even need to. But, I do prefer to use it as it looks fantastic and does protect the lens from any scrapes, scuffs or just dirt and grime in general. I’ve been extremely impressed with the overall build and quality of this flashlight, which means I don’t have to worry about it failing out on me after a few bumps and scrapes, which always eases my mind. It also comes across as a bit of a conversation piece when I turn it on, as people are always impressed with how bright it gets.

My only minor complaint is that on one extremely rare occasion I’ve been able to turn the flashlight on, by accident and probably my own fault, when sliding it into the case. I tend to push directly down on the button to shove it inside. It’s quite audible when the button clicks on and the case lit up quite nicely with light pouring out of the sides that was very easy to see, so I did notice and turned it right off, but something to keep in mind when using it.

For the price, I can’t imagine finding a better value flashlight. The light output is impressive, painful even, if used on a bright surface up close on anything beyond low, and the quality as a whole is exceptional. For $80, it is hard if not impossible to beat. Just don’t shine it directly at someone.

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