A Journey with the Moon. Looking Glass, North Carolina.

Tonight was the  night of the “super moon”. The night when the moon is closest, appeared largest, and was the brightest. For us, a typical backyard view wouldn’t suffice. Instead we opted for the less subtle approach. A mountain top view, neck deep in the clouds. A half mile in and our legs were already … More A Journey with the Moon. Looking Glass, North Carolina.


Sitting around the campfire, we laughed and joked about the redundancies of our normal lives back home. The air was cool, crisp, and delicious to our noses. The trees whined in the night, bending in the breeze and letting out ghostly creeks in the soft air. The lake shimmered with the soft reflection of the … More Eyes

The Crests, Part 2

(part one is below) The sun began to tiptoe across my face as the clouds that traced the mountains finally began to move on.  The orange glowing inside of my eyelids gently woke me as the sun illuminated them through the mesh screen of my tents walls. Was it really morning already? It felt as … More The Crests, Part 2