A Journey with the Moon. Looking Glass, North Carolina.

Tonight was the  night of the “super moon”. The night when the moon is closest, appeared largest, and was the brightest. For us, a typical backyard view wouldn’t suffice. Instead we opted for the less subtle approach. A mountain top view, neck deep in the clouds.

A half mile in and our legs were already burning. The hot, humid air sang out the verses of summer. Our drum rolling footsteps  protested our distaste for lower elevations as we ascended the mountain.

The trail description pointed out that the 3 mile uphill was unrelenting, grueling, and generally not for the timid, however we blew off the warning as the descriptive whining of an unseasoned hiker. It turns out we were wrong, but there was no consideration of turning back. There were 8 of us, and we were ready for the epic views atop the mountain.

When we finally made the climb, we plateaued on the mountain top. The view could not be described. Words were not designed to paint pictures as vivid a volcanic plume  overlooking the Blue Ridge Parkway, above the Pisgah National Forest. Even photos wither in comparison to the sense of awe that is induced from vertigo inducing granite cliff face.

We celebrated our victory over the mountain by watching the sunset over the mountains. The colors of the sun poured over the green, charismatic treeline. The starts rubbed the sleep out of their eyes to greet us in the night. The reds faded

The moon teased at first. Hiding behind the mountains. Playfully, it peeked over the ridges, alluding what was to come with twinkles through the leaves. Silvery glistens as if tinsel was strung through the trees. Finally, and triumphantly, the moon gave us the show we were waiting for. The darkness was washed away. The moon was florescent, as if electrified in the night. The clouds paraded by, reflecting the light onto the earth. The moon was so intense our shadows danced across the stone cap of the mountains. Darkness had failed. The night was bright, luscious, and energetic. Flashlights were optional. The white rays of light cut through the trees, drawing patterns on the forest floor. It was amazing.  to oranges, the oranges to deep blue, and finally the blues to black.The commencing campfire further illuminated the night, and the laughs and cheer of the group wrestled the silence of the wild night high above the valley floor.That night, sleep was easy.  Tired bodies and heavy eyes succeeded. The wood fell quite, the fire lay down, and the conclusion to another typical, amazing weekend was awarded to the warriors of the wilderness.


2 thoughts on “A Journey with the Moon. Looking Glass, North Carolina.

  1. What a wonderful trip and what great timing to do so. I bet the view plus the supper moon was amazing! I wish that I would have been able to come. Any way I can talk you into taking me up there sometime this summer?

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