2018’s Final Tips for Hiking and Backpacking this Winter

Despite common perception, Winter can be the best season to get outside, rack up some miles, and catch the most beautiful views of the season. Sure, it is wet, cold and dark, but here are some simple tips that may just help you enjoy it.


Holiday Gift Guide: 2018

This year, I’ve decided to put together a gift guide for those who are looking for something different, innovative, and above all, high quality. Concentrating on a variety of price points, here are some suggestions for 2018.

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 700 Review

Improving on their previous Backcountry bed design, Sierra Designs has updated their sleeping bags to be warmer, more efficient, and lighter through the use of streamlined design and revised materials. Is newer better? My review: Let’s start by looking at the design. For the unfamiliar, the original Backcountry bed removed the zippers of traditional sleeping…