Holiday Gift Guide: 2018

This year, I’ve decided to put together a gift guide for those who are looking for something different, innovative, and above all, high quality. Concentrating on a variety of price points, here are some suggestions for 2018. 

Now, before we dig in, these are just some thoughts and examples. Many of these products have been reviewed, some of them are a review in progress. However, everything here has been personally tested by myself and are products that I consider excellent, both in quality and value. 

A classic in my mind, the $15 thermarest Z seat is basically an essential. It provides insulation from the frozen ground, a waterproof surface for crawling, and it only weighs about 2.5 ounces. I’ve carried mine for around 5 years now, and I will not hit the trial without it. 
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If you’re looking for something affordable and practical but with a premium feel, Ecovessel has a nice variety of insulated drinking bottles on offer. They’re priced in the middle of the spectrum, but their quality exceeds the tag. They have an excellent build quality, unique aesthetics, and the smoothest closing (and silent) lids I’ve ever come across. 
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Some of my favorite gloves, the Dragon Eye from Sealskinz are entirely waterproof, exceptionally durable, and provide excellent wind protection. They’re great for biking and hiking, and excel when windy or wet conditions are common. 
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My Review

Seal Skin Gloves


Affordable and compact, the X-Talker T10 Walkies Talkies provide excellent range for a $30 set of radios, but I recommend the $80 rechargeable set for longer battery life and to avoid wasting disposable batteries. They’re easy to use, lightweight, and offer a 3 year warranty. 
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Lounging in style is a year round endeavor, hence the Linger High Back Chair from Kelty. It’s a sturdy, packable camp chair that is sure to make anyone around the campground envious. It weighs just over 3 lbs, packs down small, and comes in a swanky looking carry case, all for $140. Smaller, lighter, and more affordable variations are also available. 
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A true winter sleeping bag, the mobile mummy never really requires you to get out. Snuggled in for a deep sleep but can’t be bothered to unzip to run a quick errand? Pop your arms and feet out and continue to roam while inside. It sounds silly, but it’s also exceptionally warm and comfortable. 
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A pick from Montbell, the Down Multiblanket #5 is here just because it is so useful.  it’s makes an exceptionally light 12 ounce summer quilt, can be used as an extra layer in colder months, and works great as an emergency blanket in the car. It is fully DWR treated, is filled with 5.3 ounces of 800 power fill down, and it can be drawn in at the head and foot to trap in warm air. $209. 
Montbell’s Product Page


Another pick from Montbell, as staying warm is always a priority for me. The Montbell Permafrost makes that easy. Featuring Gore-Tex Windstopper, 4.2 ounces of 800 power fill down, and a weight of 15.8 ounces, this jacket provides exceptional weather protection. $279.
Montbell’s Product Page


For those who want to go all in, the Sierra Designs Convert 2 makes an exceptional gift. It’s a 4 season tent with a vestibule that can be broken down into a lighter vestibule free version, great for those who backpack solo and as a duo from time to time. It’s warm, spacious, and built to take on the worst winter can throw at it. $499.
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My Review

Keeping Checking back. I’m going to be adding more suggestions soon. If you’re looking for anything in particular, comment below or message me. I’m happy to provide more specific recommendations, or comment on ideas that you may have already.

Happy Holidays! 


6 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: 2018

  1. My friend and I are looking at finally getting radios this year. Do you know the battery life of these? Would they last long enough for a 5-6 day backpacking trip before needing recharging?

    1. Hi Snuffy. I would give these two days of light use in the best case scenario. If you’re wanting to go 5-6 nights, you’ll either need to coordinate and have both units turned on at specific times for communication, or get much, much larger radios/batteries.

      1. Thank you! We would only need them for certain parts of the day when we may separate. Good to know that we might need something larger!

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