Backpacking with a partner

When you’re hiking solo, the world is yours. You go out, do whatever you want, and there is not a soul, minus the occasional park ranger, to consider. Ah, but alas. Stuff another being inside your tent, especially that of a dissimilar sexual orientation, and suddenly your care free jaunt into the great beyond becomes something … More Backpacking with a partner

Buffalo Mountain, Johnson City, Tennessee.

Buffalo Mountain is one of those beautiful oddities. Right in the middle of 3 cities, stands this tall gorgeous mountain of forest and wildlife. Surrounding it, lies buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, and industry. However, on the mountain this all melts away. Within minutes of shopping you can have hiking, creeks, wildlife, and solitude. It’s a … More Buffalo Mountain, Johnson City, Tennessee.

Stone Mountain, Nc

This past weekend, myself and a few of my friends set out on a 2 night camping trip to Stone Mountain, North Carolina. This park offers it all. Vistas, rock formations, stream crossings, cascades, waterfalls, wildlife, and much more. Instead of the heavy drumming of pack laden feet, I decided it was time for a … More Stone Mountain, Nc