RedShift ShockStop Suspension Stem Review

Having a rigid frame gravel bike is great for efficiency, but not always great for your body. The ShockStop from Redshift is a bike stem that adds 20 mm of travel to the handlebars with the intention to improve the comfort and quality of the ride on rougher terrain. Does it work and are there any drawbacks? My review: … More RedShift ShockStop Suspension Stem Review

Five water bottles are recycled to make these Clover LL Sunglasses from Dragon

Part of their upcycled collection, the Clover LL sunglasses from Dragon Alliance use recycled water bottles to produce stylish sunglasses that look and feel great, while keeping plastic out of our oceans. This is my review: … More Five water bottles are recycled to make these Clover LL Sunglasses from Dragon

Julbo Aero Performance Glasses Review

The Julbo Aero Performance Sunglasses are designed to be ultralight, aerodynamic sunglasses that target trail runners and mountain bikers. They provide a wide field of view while emphasizing clear vision and comfort. The Julbo Aero glasses are designed for moments when clarity is of utmost importance, such as reading the terrain while trail running or … More Julbo Aero Performance Glasses Review

Gregory Matia 28 Review

Living a life on the move requires a certain level or portability and organization. The Matia 28 from Gregory is designed to be an everything backpack, built to carry longboards, tablets, business cards, yoga mats, headphones and more while keeping everything organized and protected. From the trail to the streets, the pack has served me … More Gregory Matia 28 Review