Gregory Salvo 28 Backpack Review

The Gregory Salvo 28 backpack introduces Gregory’s innovative new Freespan Suspension technology. This new system improves airflow, enhances lumbar support, and provides ample structure for heavier loads. I’ve drug this pack through the mountains, the cities, and even through black diamond bike courses just to see what it was made of. This is my review. … More Gregory Salvo 28 Backpack Review

La Sportiva Trango TRK GTX Boots Review

Going light and backpacking is practically synonymous. It’s an inconvenient truth that that backpacking boots rarely manage to provide true support while maintaining that lightweight build that’s so strongly desired. Thankfully, technology is beginning to change that. The Trango TRK GTX boots provide more stability at a lower weight by implementing modern materials and technologies … More La Sportiva Trango TRK GTX Boots Review

Sawyer Squeeze Review

The Sawyer Squeeze has decided to be something different. Instead of the traditional pump style water filter, Sawyer has implemented a plastic bag that can be squeezed (hence the name) which pushes water through a filter. The idea is simplicity, light weight, efficient filtering. It filters bacteria and protozoa. There is also a variation that … More Sawyer Squeeze Review