Silva Trail Runner Free Review

Featuring unique internal cable routing that runs through the headband, a powerful 400 lumen lamp, and a long runtime with the choice of using rechargeable battery packs or AAA batteries, the Trail Runner Free by Silva is a robust and versatile option for hiking and running. … More Silva Trail Runner Free Review

Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp Review

The Black Diamond Sprinter is a lightweight USB rechargeable Headlamp designed for high intensity use on and off the trail. Housing a powerful front lantern, back red strobe lights and a removable top band, it’s usable in practically any condition. My review: The Sprinter divides it’s electronics between the front and back of the unit. The … More Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp Review

Inova STS Powerswitch Dual Power Rechargeable Headlamp Review

Headlamps are a necessity when hiking or backpacking, and it’s important to find one that’s both reliable and convenient to use. The new Inova STS Powerswitch headlamp is a rechargeable, waterproof, touch activated headlamp that allows the user to use the included rechargeable battery or swap in traditional AAA batteries when needed. This is my … More Inova STS Powerswitch Dual Power Rechargeable Headlamp Review

Coast FL75R Rechargeable Headlamp Review

The Coast FL75R Headlamp isn’t one to hold back on features. It packs in a rechargeable battery, a high powered 530 lumen LED, red LEDs for preserving night vision, an adjustable beam focus, and the ability to swap in AAA batteries if needed. But, how does it hold up in use? The FL75R is built around a single powerful white LED … More Coast FL75R Rechargeable Headlamp Review

Coast HL8R Rechargeable Headlamp Review

The Coast HL8R is a high output rechargeable headlamp that emphasizes build quality and reliability. Boasting a very impressive output of 800 lumens, a swappable battery pack and an adjustable lens, it’s sure to brighten up any trail or campsite. The HL8R includes a high capacity rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack with an exchangeable 4 … More Coast HL8R Rechargeable Headlamp Review