Buffalo Mountain, Johnson City, Tennessee.

Buffalo Mountain is one of those beautiful oddities. Right in the middle of 3 cities, stands this tall gorgeous mountain of forest and wildlife. Surrounding it, lies buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, and industry. However, on the mountain this all melts away. Within minutes of shopping you can have hiking, creeks, wildlife, and solitude. It’s a … More Buffalo Mountain, Johnson City, Tennessee.

Stone Mountain, Nc

This past weekend, myself and a few of my friends set out on a 2 night camping trip to Stone Mountain, North Carolina. This park offers it all. Vistas, rock formations, stream crossings, cascades, waterfalls, wildlife, and much more. Instead of the heavy drumming of pack laden feet, I decided it was time for a … More Stone Mountain, Nc

Staying hydrated

It’s not as easy as you think, especially when you’re on a long trip and a water source you were relying on turns up dry. Don’t panic, with a little thought and consideration you can still make it out without having to drink your own pee. Bring the right amount of water: So often people … More Staying hydrated

Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina, Daniel boone Scout trail.

Grandfather mountain is only about an hour from where I live, which makes the fact that I have only visited the mountain once previously utterly absurd. To correct my act of trail blasphemy,  I decided to host a hike to one of the famous peaks, Calloways Peak, on one of the less famous trails, the … More Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina, Daniel boone Scout trail.

Leave No Trace. What it means, and why it matters.

I can’t cover this topic enough, and honestly, I’m almost ashamed that I haven’t covered it before. I adore the outdoors, the plants, the animals, the geology. It’s all amazing, and it’s all amazingly fragile. As outdoor enthusiast, we have a responsibility to help care for what we love. Humans have the incredible ability to … More Leave No Trace. What it means, and why it matters.