A bear jacked my Pop-Tarts

I thought I was clever.

Using a couple of tandem kayaks for an overnight backpacking trip has it’s advantages. It opens galleries of new spots that are otherwise unreachable by local trails surrounding the lake. We found a nice, open area with a nice view of the sunset of the crisp Tennessee water, set up shop and were enjoying every minute of it. One thing I know for sure, is a lake in Tennessee means bear country. Fair enough, per usual I would just hang my food in a nice tall tree and call it day. Easy enough, but I thought I was clever.

I paddled my kayak out into the lake, and chose a nice tall tree surrounded by 20 feet of water to throw my food bag up. Cinched and tied, my food was safely nested in a tree. Usually, I would go at least 2o feet up the tree, but since I was above water, I thought I would just do about 6 feet. Still well above head level.

That night, the sounds of crashing waves and blowing wind rusted me to sleep. The night moon illuminated the silvery lake, casting shadows of the trees around me. It was peaceful, and calm, until I heard the splashes.

I peeked my tired eyes through the mesh walls of my tent, just in time to see the silhouette of a small bear tiptoeing across a downed, floating tree across the water to my food, Reaching up, and snapping up my Pop-Tarts with a smirk. What a chump!

I quickly clicked on my light in time to see the little booger belly flop into the water, making a hasty retreat around the bend with my precious, delicious breakfast

Lesson learned. Bears aren’t afraid to get clever, and wet, for Smores Pop-Tarts.


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