MSR Flex Skillet Review

The MSR Flex skillet is a lightweight option for those who want a little more than boiled noodles for dinner in the backcountry. Comprised of hard-anodized aluminum with a non stick surface and long heatproof handle, it allows you to get a little bit creative. The skillet itself is 9 inches in diameter, and weighs 7 oz. Break out the bacon and seasonings, let’s get cooking.

MSR Flex Skillet

What I liked

The skillet actually cooks quite well. I’ve made a variety of dishes in the skillet that all came out with great results, my personal favorite being quesadillas with bacon and cheddar cheese. The non-stick surface is effective, rarely requiring extra oils to keep things from sticking. Cleanup is fast and simple. A gentle wipe with an extra tortilla or napkin is usually all that is needed. The handle is sturdy, and is removable to provide packing flexibility. It also snaps in easily, and locks to ensure you don’t have any mid cook accidents from it folding up. The skillet is exceptionally light weight for the quality and size. Build quality is excellent.

MSR Flex Skillet

What I didn’t like

The pan itself is quite thin, so you’ll need to cook on low heat. Your pocket rocket isn’t going to work here, as the direct torch style burners will not allow the heat to disperse quickly enough, and you will get warping. Make sure you have a stove that distributes the flame (MSR Windpro comes to mind) and can simmer at low heat.  You’ll need to take care to not scratch the thin non-stick coating, so no metal spatulas here.  Wrapping it up in cloth while packing worked well for me to prevent scratches while in transit. Initially, my first skillet’s not stick surface flaked and left the aluminum exposed. It was quickly warrantied out with no questions asked, and I was ensured this was not normal. Points warranted for great customer service. So far the replacement has been great , and I’ll keep you updated if anything changes.

MSR Flex Skillet


With a little bit TLC, this is a valuable asset that any deep woods chef can appreciate. The cooking is even, consistent, and predictable. The skillet itself is cheap at only 30 bucks, and the build quality is excellent. If you don’t mind the 7 oz’s, and a little bit of pack space, you can’t go wrong with this one


Highly recommended


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